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A Glimpse of Heaven

Faith is the gaze of a soul upon a saving God.” A.W. Tozer

 (Heather, Erika, Christine, Emily, Me and Nicole )

I havn’t said much on here about the Relevant Conference, and the truth is, I don’t entirely know what to say.

I am still unpacking it all both literally, and figuratively speaking. I have never been in the company of so many beautiful, faith-filled women.

It was amazing. Truly, entirely, brethtakingly, awesome. I have never been to anything like that in my life, and I only stand back now in sheer amazement at how God took me there, and how he showed up for me. I went with one thing on my heart, I asked God for a vision,  a direction and He rolled out the red carpet for me and delivered above and beyond my wildest imagination. He is still working it out for me, still making things happen and answering that one big prayer of mine, and I am in awe, and I am deeply humbled by His goodness. Going to Relevant was a big step out in faith for me, I am so glad I took that scarry step.

Relevant was like going to the most fantastic family reunion ever, I feel like it was a glimpse of what heaven will be like. An increadible gathering of believers, all excited and thrilled to see each other, and worship Jesus together. I will say this, Relevant for me, was worth every second of travel and planning and money spent. If you have the inclination to go next year, pray about it, and if God tells you to go, trust Him, go.

( Me, Lindsey, Annie, and Jaque)

October turned out to be quite a month for me. We have been going 100 miles-per-hour, the noise and pace of the house, and my own unwillingness to be still often keeps me from hearing. But I am starting right now. Starting to listen, to quiet down so I can hear. Things may be sort of sparse around here, with all that is going on, and a new project I am sinking into, I have to be wise about my time. This is “birthday season” here at my house, with 4 birthdays fast approaching between now and Christmas. With the holiday’s coming, I want to be sure I focus my energies well. So I apologize  now if I don’t keep up as well for a little while. I have a deadline looming and must find a way to focus.

God has given me a new direction, and I have to explore it and take the time to see where he is leading. This will mean a little less blogging, and more focused writing. I’m not ready to talk about it here just yet. I don’t want to put the cart before the horse. 😉 But if you are so inclined, please pray for me, pray for words and wisdom and insight into his Word.

I have a story to tell- we all do. I hope you are telling yours, have faith that God has given you a specific voice, and a specific message. Why don’t you step out in faith and ask Him for a vision, for purpose, a plan- Take the leap. 

Go, and the Lord be with you.” 1 Samuel 17:37

Walking today with Ann and others, writing about Faith.



    1. Anonymous

      Bless you for understanding Amy. I cannot wait until I can find words and the right time to talk about it…. I hope and pray you find yourself at relevant next year, and perhaps I will find you there myself… 

  1. Anonymous

    praying for you, Kris!  sounds like exciting stuff. . . always the case when God is at the helm of the ship, eh?  love how you put this all to words.

  2. Oh my sweet friend – this is just dripping with God’s glory and goodness!  I know He laid much upon your heart that still needs to be unpacked and digested slowly.  The good stuff is to be savored! 

    You know I’ll be praying for you!  I’ll wait (semi)patiently to hear all about your adventure in grace.  So excited for you as you walk this new path the Father has prepared for you.  Buckle your seat belt!  XOXO

  3. Kmelissasmallwood

    I wasn’t able to attend Relevant this year but still remember the amazing experience I had last year.  The memories tucked in your heart will be unpacked for years to come…glad you had a good time!


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