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A Prayer For Writers

A Prayer For Writers

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A Prayer For Writers

They say writing is a lonely job. I’d argue that for some of us, harder than the loneliness of writing, is the wrestle many of us find ourselves in, between the flesh and the spirit–the stewardship and weight of the gift.  Sometimes, any measure of success (or perceived failure) by way of writing can tempt us to believe that we are something other than we actually are are. Our identity, when not solidly founded in Christ, can get muddy as we maneuver a business that calls for platforms, and a faith that calls for altars.

Our books sell and we fly high on the wings of success. Conversely, sales ranks plummet, sometimes sending us into a downward spiral of despair. In either moment, we risk forgetting who we are, an instrument for God’s story (Flannery O’Connor)–

I shared some recent email exchanges with a couple of writer friends, in which both of them expounded on their feelings of frustration, doubt and sense of purpose as it relates to writing. So many of their own thoughts reminded me of the words in O’Connor’s journal, and in my own. I’m grateful for their honesty and willingness to wrestle with the gift, and how it is to be used.

The letters from my fellow writing friends, reminded me of the need for prayer over all of us, and inspired this, a prayer for Writers…

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