A Short Message {My First Vlog}

I woke up with my 3 year old next to me,  telling me how much she loved my hugs. As I laid there debating getting up and writing with my beloved Five Minute Friday community, her snuggles won out, and I couldn’t see any good reason to get out of bed and miss that time with her–not even to write.

But as I readied for the day, I felt that I still wanted to talk to you– to tell you something small. So in the hurried morning chaos, I locked myself in my room and filmed this for you. It’s short, and at the end, you can hear my children banging on my door. I thought about re-shooting the video, but the likelihood of getting one without kid noise in the background is unlikely.

So here it is, in all it’s embarrassing reality.

If you can’t see the video, try HERE.

I love you guys. I am deeply thankful for you. I pray that this afternoon, and evening, you can spend some time gazing upon the cross. Even in all of it’s horror, it is the single, most beautiful act of love the world has ever known.

Peace and grace to you, this Good friday. Praying with you as we await resurrection.


  1. Shelly Miller

    Thank you for that Kris, love the kids beating the door down to find you at the end. Makes it even sweeter as you implore us to focus on Christ. Sending a big hug.

  2. “ridiculous blessings” — I smile over that expression. Especially because I really appreciate when words are used in different ways. I think it’s simple, but powerful. You took the word outside of the box and give thanks for something in a different way. It might seem silly, but I think there’s something powerful here. It’s worship, truly.

    and you, when you just focus on the heart of the matter . . . there’s such remarkable beauty there. I smiled back at you and teared up as I watched fear dissipate from your face and His warmth overwhelm you. {hugs} sweet friend. I love you.

  3. Oh sweet Kris…what a treat and complete joy to see your face and hear your soft-spoken words. Bringing my heart to the cross, bringing the realness of beauty amidst horror. “Putting on flesh only to have it ripped off of Him”….oh, oh that pulled at me so tender. I concur…how can a mind wrap around that?
    Sometimes I fear greatly that I allow the Bible to fade into mere stories. Tales from long ago that I can’t feel or grasp as actual history. Recorded actualities that completely transform me to this day. Because they WERE real. Tangible death for an abstract heart…and I try. I want to soak it up in my marrow as more than a story. Something that doesn’t stop breathing once binding closes or chapters end.
    Your heart, your unleashing of hidden nature, only to be exposed in the Light and dare to stand there, loved and whole even though your heart quakes and your flesh flinches in it’s bareness. Kris…seriously…I cannot convey how courageous I know you to be, and how God is tremendously (enormously) using you to minister to me. To model such faith and abandon for His sake. It’s breathtaking. You are making such a gigantic difference. You.loving Him.everyday.

    1. Well said, Leigh…I concur wholeheartedly. The words you used and the way that you used them struck a chord of harmony within concerning something that I am experiencing right now and I just felt led to share a little: ” I want to soak it up in my marrow…” spend a little time here [http://julietrue.com/online-healing-room] and you’ll understand what I meant about a chord of harmony (no pun intended)…soaking music. Continuing: “Something that doesn’t stop breathing…” this is the experience that I have after being ministered to in the healing room. It doesn’t stop breathing…the worship continues in my mind throughout the day and into the night…truly beautiful…blessings………….

  4. You have been such an encouragement to me Kris. I love your heart, your honesty and your reminder to stay focused on Him. This was beautiful, including the kids knocking at the door. It’s the reality of our lives…finding balance in fulfilling His purpose in our lives as moms, writers and lovers of the Word. Praying for supernatural strength to be upon you in this new season. ❤


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