Learning to surrender

The refining of our faith

Walking in obedience/Surrendered living

The pursuit of holiness

How we can accept grace

Authentic living for Christ

Our life’s purpose

The Heart of Hospitality

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“Kris has a gentle way of speaking a powerful and convicting message. She shares her heart authentically and vulnerably and blessed our conference attendees immensely with her words.”
-The Declare Conference Team

Kris Camealy is both a delight and a gift! Kris brought her quiet spirit and wit to our ladies retreat and God did a work through her. God uses Kris to bring you to the place where you bow low and humble for God to knead you and perform the breaking that will bring you closer to Him. The anointing on her words is evident and the relaxed way that she invites you into the Refining place, make you long for the dying to self that will bring new life no matter the cost. I can’t wait to see what God will do through Kris next, her obedience to His voice challenges us all to be Wholly His so that we may be made Holy in His eyes. ~Julie Reynolds, Retreat Organizer, Alabama

Bible Doing

Listen to the Bible Doing interview with Kris HERE

Mom Struggling Well Interview with Kris


Watch the Google Hangout hosted by Dan King (of BibleDude.net) HERE

Upcoming events: 2017-2018

Refine {the retreat} March 24-26, 2017

Refine {the retreat} for WRITERS March 22-26, 2018

Past events

Refine {the retreat} April 4-6, 2014

The Table, April 23 2015, (Westerville OH)

The Declare Conference, July 30-August 1 2015 (Dallas TX)

Allume Conference (Photo Editing Session) Oct 14-17, (Greenville, SC)

Calvary Chapel Columbus,Women’s Luncheon, December 5, 2015 (Columbus, OH)

Hospitality At The Table (1 day retreat) November 5, Columbus Ohio (Tickets still available)

Holey, Wholly, Holy, ECE Directors Retreat, November 7, Camp Lonestar Tx.

Vineyard Church, Deleware OH, November 27

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