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How To Add Some Instant Sparkle To Your Day (And Tree) An Impossibly Easy DIY Sequin Ornament

How To Add Some Instant Sparkle To Your Day (And Tree) An Impossibly Easy DIY Sequin Ornament

If you’re a regular reader here, you know I’m not a DIY blogger by any stretch. That business is so far out of my wheelhouse, I can’t even describe how far. I’m not as crafty in real life as I may appear to be on Pinterest. So often what I picture in my head, when attempted by my hands, comes out baring little resemblance to the vision of grandeur I imagined.

This is not my gift. I can handle that.

But, once in a while, a DIY project comes along that even I cannot mess up. (Yes!!) Plus, this one involves sequins, which if you follow me on Instagram, you know I have a special affinity for– Enter, the Impossibly Easy DIY Sequin Ornament.
Sequin Ornament tutorial
This project is not only easy, but also inexpensive and a great one to do with your kids–or a great one to have them do while you do something else.  Also, it take zero brain power to produce, which means you can do it while sitting in front of your favorite Christmas movie. (Win!) All of the following materials can be found at your local craft store–we found all of ours at Jo-Ann’s.


Sequin Ornament Tutorial*

(*Affiliate links included)


Smooth foam balls (I used the 2 inch size)


Sequin pins

Ribbon (1/4 inch wide)


Cut small 4-5 inch strip of ribbon, make a loop with it and secure with one or two sequin pins.

Place a sequin somewhere on the styrofoam ball (I like to start at the base of the ribbon).

Insert sequin pin through the center of the sequin.

Repeat x 400, or until the entire ball is covered.


**A word about sequin pins: They are sharp. My 4 year old can do this project with us, though she has to be reminded not to play with the sequin pins, as they are basically tiny needles.

sequin pins

These make excellent (inexpensive) gifts. Tie them to packages, loop them onto a plate of cookies for the neighbors. Make a silver “disco ball” version for your daughter’s Barbies. Hang one from your car’s rear-view mirror–the sky is the limit with these little charmers.

Sequin ornament

DIY Sequin Ornament

If you make them, tag me on social media (@krisCamealy on Twitter/Instagram), I’d love to see what you decide to do with them!



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