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An Interview And A Giveaway

An Interview And A Giveaway

It’s been a full month of guest posts here in this space, and as we wind our way to Advent (Sunday!!) The guest post series is wrapping up and I hope to be back to writing a bit more here, as time allows. Though my voice has been noticeably absent here, I have been making the rounds on various other sites, recording interviews and sharing about Come, Lord Jesus wherever I have been invited.

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One such invitation came generously from my friend and fellow writer, Ashley Hales. She and I sat down a couple of weeks ago to chat about the book, and how it came to be, and why write another Advent book anyway?

Along with the interview, Ashley is giving away a copy of Come, Lord Jesus to one reader. The interview is brief, so maybe today on your lunch break, you’ll come sit by us and hopefully, be encouraged and inspired as we head into one of the most exciting seasons of the year.

Click HERE to visit Ashley’s blog and watch the interview



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