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As We Wait

As We Wait

On October 18th, my 2nd book, Come, Lord Jesus: The Weight of Waiting releases!! For the next few weeks I have invited the members of my “street team”  to share their stories and reflections on the book, the topic of waiting, and Advent. Stay tuned in the next couple of weeks for the FREE download of the first 5 days of Come, Lord Jesus: The Weight Of Waiting. 


The cover sits before me, the title drawing me in and yet it is months before Christmas. It’s the subtitle – The Weight Of Waiting – that keeps nagging at my heart.

Each morning I pour my coffee and read one devotional in the early morning stillness. It’s a stillness emphasizing the very act of waiting.

Wait – “to be available or in readiness; to look forward to eagerly; to continue as one in expectation of” (according to

Waiting did not always come easily to me. Perhaps it is still so, not sure. Yet the word “patient” has often been applied to my personality. My mind flashes back to my third pregnancy, occurring just a few months after a miscarriage. I became bedridden even before the pregnancy was confirmed by my OB. Nine months of waiting. All of it done in bed except for the few minutes each day permitted to take care of necessities.

Trust me, I was available to get out of bed. I was even ready to get out of bed. I eagerly looked forward to being up and about. I fully was expecting that one day I would be resuming my normal activities. I was kept in bed by my expectations and hopes of my arms holding my sweet little one. The memory of the aroma of a baby’s sweet head developed an ability to wait, to hold onto the hope of what was yet to come. There were days the wait felt like it would never end. Other days, the wait was sweet as God’s Word and the prayers of sweet friends held me up.

“The time God gives us in the waiting is a gift,whether or not it feels like that in the moment.”(from Day 7, Come, Lord Jesus: The Weight of Waiting by Kris Camealy)

It is in the waiting that we learn to await.


Await – “to linger; pausing in a journey; abiding”.

It is as we wait that we learn to linger, to pause in that moment and abide in the Presence of our God Himself. It is in the awaiting, we come to realize the preciousness of the gifts which waiting brings to us. Suddenly the wait does not seem so difficult but becomes valuable, teaching lessons we could learn no other way.

“Keeping in mind the mystery of God’s impeccable timing makes the waiting more bearable while encouraging us to hope.”(also from Day 7)

That pregnancy taught me that we wait with expectation. We wait for God to show up in our circumstances, invading them actually, and turning them upside down. Each visit to my OB brought the sobering reminder, “Don’t expect to carry this one to term.”

And each time, God’s Word brought the greater reminder, “For with God nothing will be impossible” (Luke 1:37, NKJV). The awaiting brought the every deepening reminder that we are desperate for His Presence in ways we are not aware of when we are busy.

The time came when I delivered our long awaited child. The day is deeply etched in my mind by the faithfulness of our God, whose very Presence is always with us in the wait. It is in the wait that we come to recognize the true desire of our heart has been for Him all along.

“Yes, in the way of Your judgments, O Lord, we have waited for You; The desire of our soul is for Your name and for the remembrance of You” (Isaiah 26:8, NKJV).

It is in the awaiting that we learn to remember – Our Savior is all we need.




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Joanne Viola: I am a wife, mom & Mimi who loves the Lord & has found life to be a curious journey. I started blogging because I wanted to document our family life & my thoughts to leave for my children & grandchildren one day. Joanne blogs at


  1. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story. It was through the waiting for my children that Abba taught me the beauty of being still. I love how He knows how to touch our hearts so deeply.

  2. Not too long ago, as I sat in church, the preacher ‘s sermon included a bit on waiting. In that moment, the Lord downloaded a new son. I wrote the lyrics as quickly as I could write them down on the bulletin, then ran outside to sing into my phone so I wouldn’t forget, but silly me, I don’t forget the songs He gives me.. It’s titled “While I Wait” and is one of the most beautiful songs He’s given me so far. I hope to have it on YouTube soon. I’ started a channel and have a few of the new songs He’s given me up, but not this newest one yet 🙂 WAITING is obviously a topic important to God in these days! Blessings!

  3. Lynn D. Morrissey

    This is lovely Joanne, and what Mother doesn’t know this season of waiting. But oh the rewards! Thank you for such rich sharing, as we wait on Him whose birth we will soon be celebrating (after our Advent wait).


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