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Joining Lisa-Jo and other amazing writers for a little bit of soul-baring, where we write for 5 short minutes, without editing, without backtracking, and then we link up and share some encouragement. Lisa-Jo chooses the prompt, and today, that word is Bare.


You prepare a table before me
in the presence of my enemies.
You anoint my head with oil;
my cup overflows. Psalm 23:5 NIV84

I’m living a naked season these days and yet, there’s an indescribable warmth that wraps around me, even as the chill of living bare threatens to force me into hiding.

The thing about writers is, that bare seasons are a permanent place of dwelling, if you write beyond the journal. Every act of hitting “publish” is an exposure that risks everything. There’s a cost (and a reward) for shedding the covers and baring a bit of heart–pieces of soul.

Because the writing is more than an act, or obligation, because the writing is worship and meditation, obedience is required, and so it must be. To write from any other place feels a bit like a lie–a bit disingenuous.

So lay it all out there, writers. In your own voice. In your own way.

Step out in to the cold of the world, bare and trust that whatever the temperature, He holds you firm. the Lord provides a warmth and a shield from the elements that threaten to undo you.

Not everyone will appreciate what you share.

There are some who cannot endure what you will bare.

I’m wildly uncomfortable in this current season. But He holds me firm. I trust His hand. He is my shepherd, He is my God.

In God alone is my strength.


While we’re on the subject of being bare, I might as well share this with you too~ The other day, I had an opportunity to share a bit about the book with Dan King ( and Sandra Heska King (SandraHeskaking,com) And Tammy Pearlmutter ( If you’re interrested in seeing a bit more of my (bare) heart behind the book, you can watch that here:

Subscribers, you can veiw the video by clicking HERE.


  1. Dawn Paoletta

    This is so beautifully stated. And true. Thanks, Kris. This resonates…so often I write through tears, knowing not all will appreciate that light and darkness dwell within us, but yielding to the Light we expose darkness in the sharing and decrease it’s hold and power. Happy Friday, sister!

  2. I am so thankful for your willingness to be bare in a way that God uses to take each of us to the low bowed-down place so that He can raise us up in newness of life. You are a heart-strengthener friend and I am thankful for you and your beautiful words.

  3. He’s the only one for everyone, isn’t He, friend.

    this was a warm wash over my soul. Thank you…

    And I LOVED the video! so proud of how You’ve let Him work through you I can hardly stand it!!! 😉

  4. I loved this! The reminder that this writing is worship, as is all the work He calls me to. I am so excited to use your devotional during Lent, and I am grateful that you are willing to walk in this “bare” place in order to bless and encourage others. Bless you today!

  5. “The Lord provides a warmth and a shield from the elements that threaten to undo you.

    Not everyone will appreciate what you share.

    There are some who cannot endure what you will bare.”

    Oh…I needed this honesty. This knowledge. It is true. It is the reality of living in a war-torn world of imperfect people. Yet the fruit is the reward of following hard after the Lord above all else. Living for the name He bestows on you. Firm and lasting. Beautiful and melodic. Thank you.


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