It’s friday, hallelujah. This week wasn’t quite as difficult as last week (thank God) but it’s been busy. And hot. *gasp* But it’s Friday now, a few of us like to sling words and string sentences together for fun. We turn off the inner critic and we write for five minutes flat. No editing, no second guessing. Link it, share it, and encourage others. Lisa-Jo picks the prompt, today, it’s: Beyond


I slip down the hall peeking in each room, listening to the sweet rythym of deep sleep,their slow, heavy breaths in sync.

I whisper prayers with my hands hovering over them the heat from their tucked-in bodies rises up, brushes againt my palms and I’m full aware that these moments are beyond me.

We whip through our days dashing from chore to chore and errand to errand, and I always forget the eggs I went out for, or the mayonaise and sometimes I forget to pray.

When I stop in the hall, cracking doors a bit, stepping over the clutter and bath towles unhung, I think I should drop right there in prayer, next to strawberry shortcake’s house and the dinosaur I’m careful not to bump (he makes a terrible roar!).

Motherhood treads a path of Holy ground and it’s so far beyond my ability, beyond my expectations, just beyond– and when they’re snuggled between sheets, flush with summer heat, I can only hover my hands above them and pray that God makes me enough–




Joining Lisa-Jo and fabulous others for a five minute write. Join us?

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  1. I just love FMF! I love reading where one word takes each of us! This is so beautiful! I’m always afraid to creep into Thomas’ room to pray over him while he sleeps because I think he’ll wake up. I pray while he nurses to before bed time and those are indeed precious moments!

    1. Oh indeed, praying over a nursing babe. It’s been nearly two years since I nursed my last baby–feels like an eternity ago πŸ™ savor it…. beautiful moments…

  2. My mind was on prayer tonight too. It’s gotten me through this week and the prayers my mother said for me while I slept my way through life, helped bring me to the place where I now do the same for my kids. Lovely.

    1. Oh what a sweet gift, the prayers of your mother over you as a child… what a treasure to hold. Prayers is like air. Necessary.

    1. Ahh, MOPS. I am neck deep in planning for our coming year. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for your kind words, Laura!

    1. Thanks, Alene. It’s an amazing gift, too often taken for granted. Lord let me SEE and live it well.

  3. Oh so beautiful, and such true worship, my friend. The surrendering to Him, it’s really remarkable how He brings us to that place.

    1. It is remarkable! He is so good to usher us in… praying you are feeling better and back on your feet, my sweet friend. XO

  4. Oh, that’s my prayer too. Show me how to be worthy of the family and Employer You’ve entrusted to my care.
    In from Gypsy Mama

    1. ((hugs)) Thanks, Nikki. I enjoy these five minute friday challenges so much, and the pre-posting twitter chatter with you– oh that’s the BEST!;)

  5. Kris, love this soooooo. Its “beyond me” how much tenderness jumps off the screen from these words from you, they’re beautiful, and other moms and their hearts. Thanks Lord for this community and thanks Kris for beauty in your art today.

    1. Elizabeth, you always breathe such grace in your coments to me. Thank you for encouraging me, and cheering for the Mom’s out there wo just want to do it well. It IS a blessed community we’re in! πŸ˜‰

  6. Kris, I love the way you write. I always leave your blog feeling like I just received a letter from a special friend.

  7. love those hallowed moments, especially ones including dinosaurs:-) “just beyond”. . . yes, that’s where i’m feeling this morning. it’s a sweet place to be, truly.
    love to you, friend!

    1. Steph~ may you find His comfort and joy in that place, and may you KNOW the value of your efforts, stockpiling treasure in heaven πŸ˜‰

  8. Oh, yes! Pushing through the mud and muck of errands and forgotten eggs, thank you for the reminder of the beauty and privilege of prayer. Blessings!

  9. “Motherhood treads a path of Holy Ground”
    Oh how we as mothers need to remember this!
    Beautiful words Kris!

  10. My breath caught in my throat as I read the last line.
    Truly, this is the prayer of my heart.
    You have this way of saying everything that I am feeling, and wishing, and hoping.
    I treasure you.

    1. Awwe, Meredith. My friend, I say these words and pray them with you. I just want to be enough, to live out the calling well… bless you, my friend.

  11. “Motherhood treads a path of Holy ground and it’s so far beyond my ability, beyond my expectations, just beyond–”
    Powerful words, my friend! So thankful that He is able to carry us through what is beyond our ability and expectations.
    Have a blessed Friday!!

  12. “Motherhood treads a path of Holy ground and it’s so far beyond my ability, beyond my expectations, just beyond…”
    This. Yes. My prayers about mothering my boys always seems to be sprinkled with the words…Let me be enough. Thank you so much for sharing this today. Blessings!

    1. Wendy, Thank YOU for your kind words. I feel like a fish on land somedays trying to mother my two boys. God is the ONLY chance I have! He is enough and thus in Him, we are too. Only by His grace!

  13. Hello again new friend! Alluring thoughts. Prose-perfect. Tempo of a faithful beat, the drum of a faithful heart. Love it! Happy Friday writing sister. πŸ™‚

  14. when I read, ”
    Motherhood treads a path of Holy ground and it’s so far beyond my ability, beyond my expectations, just beyond”
    I was done. Beautiful. i love FMF. Who knew there was so much wonderful to read??
    Peace and good.

  15. Oh sister, yes. How we scurry and sway and leap and sometimes forget. How their quiet, sleeping bodies remind us of the little hearts entrusted to us and how very much we adore them. So grateful for the grace that sees beyond our small offerings and big mistakes to His plan and His provision.

    I love you, grielfriend (even if spell check *thinks* I’ve spelled that wrong). πŸ˜‰ XOXO

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