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Before You Can Write

Before You Can Write

Before You Can Write

 Before You Can Write

Every day feels like a trembling walk across a balance beam. I want to do ALL THE THINGS but am severely limited in my time and energy for such a pursuit. It’s a constant effort to find balance between what I need to do, what I’d like to do, and what I should do.

I realized the other day that since I wrote and released a book last year, I have been working non-stop. While that book was still in it’s launch period, I began planning for Refine. While planning for Refine, I wrote and released another small book.

I’m tired. Like–deep, soul-tired.

In all of these amazing God-things, I feel like I have forgotten one of the real truths about how to create good writing–

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  1. Thank you Kris 🙂 wisdom I certainly needed today! And how encouraging to remember that when we are busy with the art of living, rather than the art of writing, creative work is still being done. And, most importantly, sanctifying work is being done.


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