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On Making Art

At some point, some of you started reading here for the words. I’ve felt a little guilty for the lack of them this summer. I’ve worried about becoming obsolete, about being forgotten. And then I let all of that go, and stepped away quietly anyway.  While I haven’t had many words held out for consumption,…

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On Visions And Provision

God is teaching me about visions and provision. Last May when I re-launched this website and told you I was going to host a retreat, you overwhelmed me with your support. A lot has happened since then. YOU walked with me. YOU prayed with and for me. The retreat sold out.(Praise Jesus) We’re 29 days…

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On Owning Your Creativity

The more I learn about myself, the more I’m growing to see that it is possible to be something, whether I claim it for myself or not. The truth about who we are isn’t based on our perceived reality, but rather exists outside of ourselves, because it is truth. I am not God’s child only…

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Joining Lisa-Jo and other amazing writers for a little bit of soul-baring, where we write for 5 short minutes, without editing, without backtracking, and then we link up and share some encouragement. Lisa-Jo chooses the prompt, and today, that word is Bare. GO. You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.…

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“Beauty is there to be noticed. Too often it is taken for granted because we are moving too fast to let it in and allow it to deliver its message in us. We need to pay attention. To show indifference to beauty is an insult to its Creator.” (90) Luci Shaw Beauty And The Creative Impulse She’s…

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