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Remember God

Sometimes, when I close my eyes, snapshot-memories of my childhood sneak up on me. Today, I saw myself, nine years old, pumping my spindly legs back and forth on the old metal swing set left behind by previous owners of that house. I swung, face pointed towards the cornfield that flanked the back of the…

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What Always Brings Us Back To The Table

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen a number of poolside photos in my feed this summer. We spent the summer mostly by the pool. Those plastic loungers acted as a cradle of respite for me, a safe, uninterruptible space for me to wrestle with my angst related to community and a…

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On Inviting and Faith Illustrated

*This post contains affiliate links. This costs you nothing more, and helps keeps the lights on here on the blog. Everybody wins.*  When my daughter got sick last week I found myself with a quiet couple of hours to get into my new Illustrated Faith bible journaling kit. She’d worn a brave face all morning but…

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On Invitations Instead Of Force

Growing up with a Dad in the military had its perks. Notably, the overseas travel we enjoyed on a couple of different occasions. One of my most memorable seasons abroad was spent in Italy, where I attended an Italian preschool run by Italian Nuns. Despite the fact that is has been well over 34 years since I…

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If you follow me on Instagram, it’s possible that you’ve bumped into one of my “morning meditations” posts, usually shared between 6-7AM. I wake daily with the goal of getting some time in with my journaling bible and my journal before the kids are all up and our day takes off. This brief, quiet time…

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Hold The Door {My Declare Conference Podcast}

Several months ago, the beautiful women behind the Declare conference reached out to me, and invited to serve as the keynote speaker at their conference this summer. The invitation came as a complete surprise on the heels of returning from Refine {the retreat}. This opportunity is an outlandish gift, and a divine opportunity that I never saw coming. One…

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On Making Space

Standing at the sink in the pre-dawn light this morning I caught myself staring at the mulched patch in the back of the yard–all that remains of the old Ash we had chopped down last year. It had stood tall all of the years we lived here, and many before. This house has stood here well…

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When You Think Your Drowning

Difficult seasons don’t always come with a warning. Storms can blow up out of nowhere and suddenly, you think your drowning.  Sometimes, you don’t just think it–you are certain of it. It’s been a hard week here. Maybe it has been for you too. As I’ve tried to make sense of things, as I’ve wrung…

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How Learning To Pray Saved My Faith

I’m joining the synchroblog for the release of A Christian Survival Guide: A Lifeline to Faith and Growth by answering this prompt: ‘What saved your faith?’ As a child I learned to pray by way of recitation and counting of beads. With my plastic rosary clutched between my small hands, I’d go through the Hail…

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When Confronted By Our Humanity

I have thought about little else since it happened. The whole scene replays itself on a grueling slow-motion loop in my head. From beginning to end I’ve relived the misery of it, rehearsing my own disturbing reaction again and again, ad nausea. I have debated, which is worse, my righteous anger directed at God for…

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