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When Confronted By Our Humanity

I have thought about little else since it happened. The whole scene replays itself on a grueling slow-motion loop in my head. From beginning to end I’ve relived the misery of it, rehearsing my own disturbing reaction again and again, ad nausea. I have debated, which is worse, my righteous anger directed at God for…

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Maybe it’s the rain, or because I’m still sifting through my reflections on Refine. I’m ruminating on a great many things these days– Last week we bid farewell to the old Ash tree that once shaded the top portion of our backyard. Though it had been healthy when we first moved in 10 years ago,…

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When You Feel Like A Spiritual Misfit

My friend Michelle DeRusha is about to launch her first memoir, Spiritual Misfit. Michelle and I have been exchanging emails for months, prior to me landing on her launch team. After I read Michelle’s book, I told her that this book?–It’s a beautiful masterpiece. Michelle and I discovered that we have many similarities, beginning (but…

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IF God Is Real Then I Have A Confession

This post contains affiliate links. Clicking through these costs you nothing more, but helps keep the lights on here on the blog. Thanks for your kindness. One of the first things I did in between catching planes home from IF:Gathering this weekend was write an apology letter to a woman who has become a dear…

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I hadn’t planned on taking a blogging break right now. While so many others are gearing up for 31 days of non-stop posting, I am suddenly feeling the need to just step away a bit. I have a couple of prescheduled posts that will go up during the next couple of weeks, but otherwise, I…

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This weekend, things got a little crazy. Saturday, there was this: Then Sunday morning there was this: A few other inasne moments occurred in the two short days of this weekend and so I have not been at my compute until now, nealry 1AM Monday and I wanted to schedule my Monthly Encore Link Up.…

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I ignored their begging, as they asked repeatedly where we were going. I wanted to see the surprise and joy on their faces when we arrived, with no pre-concived notions about what the day held. Just a handful of days left to see the butterfly exhibit–that’s what my friend tells me late in the afternoon,…

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For the next several Monday’s I’ll be reflecting on thoughts stirred by reading Mary DeMuth’s upcoming book, Everything: What You Give and What You Gain to Become Like Jesus. The following is a reflection the ideas in chapters 11 & 12 In stronger seasons, I’ve embraced the hardships as they come, joyfully giving thanks, because I…

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I cannot boast when I think of how dependant I am upon thee for the being and every act of grace; I never do anything else but depart from thee, and if I ever get to heaven it will be because though willest it, and for no reason beside. Selection taken from Valley of Vision:…

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