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On Invitations Instead Of Force

Growing up with a Dad in the military had its perks. Notably, the overseas travel we enjoyed on a couple of different occasions. One of my most memorable seasons abroad was spent in Italy, where I attended an Italian preschool run by Italian Nuns. Despite the fact that is has been well over 34 years since I…

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Thoughts On Struggling Well

I don’t know how many times I have thought of sitting down here to write, over the last several weeks. I’ve been trying to get caught up after a whirlwind trip to Allume. I was home for a week and then hopped a plane to Colorado for another super-fast trip. Life here is full, and it’s…

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It started when a friend emailed asking for a guest post and mentioned my photography as part of the post. And then within that same week, another friend sends me a bold message telling me in essence to own what I do, when I play with my camera–to remove that word–“wannabe“. These nudges out of nowhere stretch…

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Get To Work (How To Beat Envy)

The crocus sprung up this past weekend while I was away. When I’d packed up the car Thursday morning I’d seen their tips peeking up, all green with promise. Sunday morning when I returned, in my rush out the door to go to church I saw them–blooming buttery soft against the dry, gray mulch. They are the…

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One Word To Change Everything

When I discovered the One Word concept in place of New years resolutions, I think my soul took a deep breath. I have a long track record of broken resolutions in my past and so choosing only one word in the new year felt like a more manageable option–at the very least, I felt like I…

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Loneliness In Leadership

After Refine {the retreat}, I came home thinking a lot about leadership, and what it looks and feels like. I feel very new to it, and have so much still to learn, and a wealth of growing to do. As I reflected on this to a friend, we got onto the subject of loneliness in…

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