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Remember God

Sometimes, when I close my eyes, snapshot-memories of my childhood sneak up on me. Today, I saw myself, nine years old, pumping my spindly legs back and forth on the old metal swing set left behind by previous owners of that house. I swung, face pointed towards the cornfield that flanked the back of the…

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Loneliness In Leadership

After Refine {the retreat}, I came home thinking a lot about leadership, and what it looks and feels like. I feel very new to it, and have so much still to learn, and a wealth of growing to do. As I reflected on this to a friend, we got onto the subject of loneliness in…

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Circling The Savior

Some Christians are for living on Christ, but are not so anxious to live for Christ. Earth should be a preparation for heaven. — C.H. Spurgeon Our days inhale and exhale the best and worst of us. Some moments, we find an easy stillness, while others we chase our tails like mad dogs, fruitlessly wasting time…

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One Word for 2013

For the last two years I have participated in the whole “one word” idea. In 2011, my word was obedience–and what a year that was.For 2012, my word was Trust. Both times I prayed about my word and God amazed and humbled me with how each of these words truly did somewhat define the overall…

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Five Minute Friday, Forgiveness, Journey, Obedience, Worship

Happy Friday, my friends. The week is wrapping up, and hopefuly, sweet rest awaits you this weekend, or adventure, or a little of both? But before all that, lets just write, five short minutes, to fling the words to the page and just let them go. No editing, no holding back, no fear. Write, Link,…

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Children, Faith, Journey, Struggle

They’d been begging me to go all summer. And the truth is, I love this place as much as they do, but it can be dangerous and I tend to fret about them the whole time. Because it’s open to the public, some days the crowd is overwhelming, it takes about two seconds to loose…

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My 17th birthday is the last time I remember having my two closest friends at the time, together with me. We’d been growing steadily apart in the months leading up to that summer. They chased boys and attended parties I wasn’t supposed to know about, while I chased Jesus and found sanctuary in an actual…

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Five Minute Friday, Growth, Journey, Trust

Around here, on Friday’s we like to let our hair down just a bit. We write for just five minutes without stressing over our words and we publish it. No second guessing, no fretting. Lisa-Jo picks the prompt, and today it’s Here. Go. There’s this story I’m wanting to tell, here in this space–to you.…

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Guest posting, Hope, Journey

I’m pressing pause here for the month of June. The past three weeks have been filled with beautiful, encouraging guest posts by some of my blogging friends. Today’s words come from “down under”, from Mike McArthur, whom I met through blog comments and because we both linked up with Ann’s Monday gift counting linky.I am…

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