Broken Body, Growth, Obedience

Get To Work (How To Beat Envy)

The crocus sprung up this past weekend while I was away. When I’d packed up the car Thursday morning I’d seen their tips peeking up, all green with promise. Sunday morning when I returned, in my rush out the door to go to church I saw them–blooming buttery soft against the dry, gray mulch. They are the…

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GraceTable, Obedience

Discovering Who Your Neighbors Are

“We live in a world in which we need to share responsibility. It’s easy to say, ‘It’s not my child, not my community, not my world, not my problem.’ Then there are those who see the need and respond. I consider those people my heroes.” ~Fred Rogers Moving every two years as a kid meant…

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Compassion, Obedience

God Answered

Nearly 3 years ago I prayed for a specific opportunity. It felt a bit like a selfish prayer, I’m certain that my motives were somewhat mixed when I petitioned God for this.  I know this, because I remember well the point I was at in that particular season of my journey. My straight legs and stiff neck hadn’t yet…

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Obedience, Refine Retreat

Wrapping Words Around Refine

People keep asking, how was the retreat? You all want to know about Refine. I both want to tell you–and yet I don’t. Or maybe it’s more that I can’t? (It’s all still unfolding). I’ve been struggling with how to wrap words around Refine. For all of my usual abundance of words I find myself…

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Allume, Obedience

On Deception And Real Freedom

I’m always a bit uncomfortable writing about sin. Nobody particularly likes that word, and while I am an expert in the practice of it, I worry that I will be accused of being “holier than thou”, which is a banner I wore many years ago, when I locked myself in a prideful shell of judgment…

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Obedience, Rest

When You Can No Longer Hear

Comments and updates and blogs fill my inbox and my screen and my head. It’s like an all you can eat smorgasbord of rich information that I keep coming back to, and it’s all good and wonderful and filling until suddenly–it’s too much. Balance is not a gift of mine and so I have to…

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Dreams, Obedience, Struggle, Surrender

Because God Knows Better

I don’t know why God works the way he does. I write lines and pages trying to work it all out–what He’s saying to me, where He’s taking me. But the truth is, sometimes, I just don’t know. God seems totally fine with this arrangement in this current season, though for me, it’s more of…

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Faith, Obedience, Sacrifice, Worship

It’s true that I am a morning person. But that doesn’t always mean waking up early is easy for me. Still, there’s a reason I sacrifice a little sleep every day– Come join me over at Kat’s place today, we’re talking about Why It’s Worth It To Loose A Little Sleep.  (<–Click this link to…

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Five Minute Friday, Forgiveness, Journey, Obedience, Worship

Happy Friday, my friends. The week is wrapping up, and hopefuly, sweet rest awaits you this weekend, or adventure, or a little of both? But before all that, lets just write, five short minutes, to fling the words to the page and just let them go. No editing, no holding back, no fear. Write, Link,…

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