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On Pico and Prayers

Chopping things in the kitchen is therapeutic for me. The repeat rhythm of my chef’s knife sliding through the food, tapping against the cutting board, invites my mind to wander, just enough. Often, these moments become prayerful ones. With every pass of my blade, my heart whispers another name, that name links itself to another situation, and so the chain…

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A Prayer for Ash Wednesday

It’s the first day of Lent, Ash Wednesday. As I let the weight of this season settle on me, I return to the words of this Psalm. And so it’s all I have today. With my filthy hands, my muddy heart, I hold out these words to you. Have mercy on me, O God, according…

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How Learning To Pray Saved My Faith

I’m joining the synchroblog for the release of A Christian Survival Guide: A Lifeline to Faith and Growth by answering this prompt: ‘What saved your faith?’ As a child I learned to pray by way of recitation and counting of beads. With my plastic rosary clutched between my small hands, I’d go through the Hail…

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A Prayer For Writers

  A Prayer For Writers They say writing is a lonely job. I’d argue that for some of us, harder than the loneliness of writing, is the wrestle many of us find ourselves in, between the flesh and the spirit–the stewardship and weight of the gift.  Sometimes, any measure of success (or perceived failure) by way of writing…

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I recently joined the Seed Company bloggers, whose mission is to help bring the Word of God to the people of the world, in their native languages. Did you know there are over 2000 languages that still lack scripture in their native tongue? That’s a lot… Jesus Brings Freedom is a new 40 day Devotional…

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Help me to walk as Jesus walked, my only savior and perfect model, His mind, my inward guest, His meekness, my covering garb. ~Selection taken from Valley of Vision: A collection of Puritan Prayers & Devotions Sharing this post with you, and in community at *This post contains an affiliate link. Buffer

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O LORD, May I never fail to retreat to him who is full of grace and truth, the friend that loveth at all times, who is touched with feelings of my infirmities, and can do exceedingly abundantly for me; never confine my religion to extrordianry occasions, but acknowledge thee in all my ways; ~Selection taken…

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For the last several Monday’s I’ve been reflecting on thoughts stirred by reading Mary DeMuth’s upcoming book, Everything: What You Give and What You Gain to Become Like Jesus. I’ll sum up next week, but today, I need you to do something else with me… Be The Body It doesn’t matter if we gather virtually…

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