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It’s Time, Announcing: Refine {The Retreat}

Two years ago, 24 women bravely followed God into the woods of Ohio for a weekend called Refine {the retreat}. We showed up at the Lodge on that Friday afternoon, expectant. We came with a hefty mound of baggage between us–all of us eager for a drop of Living Water. These years later, what we agree on collectively, is that…

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Learning to Handle Truth

Words have begun to slip free. Not many. Nothing earth-wreckingly profound, but still, after weeks of nearly nothing, I’m thankful for the drip–however slow it may be. The waves of self-doubt rise, on the heels of coming back down the mountain. Learning to handle truth can be a slow process. Sickness sidetracks me and laundry…

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Obedience, Refine Retreat

Wrapping Words Around Refine

People keep asking, how was the retreat? You all want to know about Refine. I both want to tell you–and yet I don’t. Or maybe it’s more that I can’t? (It’s all still unfolding). I’ve been struggling with how to wrap words around Refine. For all of my usual abundance of words I find myself…

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Refine Retreat, Thanksgiving

Laying Low

We just got home last evening from Refine {the retreat}. I want to thank you all SO MUCH for your prayers and encouragement in the months, weeks, days, hours and even minutes before we started. I am truly overwhelmed by the whole experience and don’t feel my words are adequate at this moment to really…

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Refine Retreat

Wild Obedience

Things have been quieter here these weeks leading up to Refine. God is teaching me much about wild obedience and what it means to live by faith. I hope this post encourages you. I look forward to sharing more after the retreat. {This post contains affiliate links} We’re less than 16 days from Refine {the…

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