On Fighting Resistance And Leaning Into Rest

We sit on the deck overlooking the mountains, my girls blowing bubbles around me in a swirl of iridescent colors. The air is damp, a breeze shifts the bubbles this direction, then that way. The evening is as close to perfect as I could have imagined, watching the sun slip behind a veil of thick…

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On Finding Spiritual Whitespace

The excitement and anticipation leading up to Refine was an emotional high I would liken to that feeling of eager, terrifying anticipation one feels before giving birth, or (for those of you without ovaries) launching a book, or setting off on a grand adventure. The thrill of the unknown and the my own human fear of…

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Results Of Rest

It’s been 2 months since I stepped away from writing regularly in this online space. 2 months–that went fast! It wasn’t that I didn’t have anymore stories to tell, or that the desire to write had faded, it had simply been that I had begun to fray at the edges. I needed to re-group and recuperate. I…

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Sabbath In The South

I just finished my 2nd book on Sabbath keeping. I’ve read 2.5 books on rest and Sabbath over the last month, and can I say, something is happening to my soul–a good something. Rest doesn’t come easy to me, and my list of reasons (or excuses as the truth may be) is long and probably…

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The scarlet Cardinal sings somewhere above my head. I look for him in the neighbors tree, the one to my right, with the low branches that kiss the picket tops of our privacy fence. Staring through the sprawling brown mesh of shaggy bark, I hope for a glimpse of him. He lets loose another shrill…

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When You Can No Longer Hear

Comments and updates and blogs fill my inbox and my screen and my head. It’s like an all you can eat smorgasbord of rich information that I keep coming back to, and it’s all good and wonderful and filling until suddenly–it’s too much. Balance is not a gift of mine and so I have to…

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