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Vulnerability Of Waiting

Yesterday morning I rolled out of bed before 5AM to finish preparing for a teaching I had been invited to do here at a local church. As I sat there with the sleep still blurring my eyes, I prayed for God to just bring the words. Just do it, God. Please. (My prayers of desperation…

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Lent, Refine Retreat, Surrender

It’s Time, Announcing: Refine {The Retreat}

Two years ago, 24 women bravely followed God into the woods of Ohio for a weekend called Refine {the retreat}. We showed up at the Lodge on that Friday afternoon, expectant. We came with a hefty mound of baggage between us–all of us eager for a drop of Living Water. These years later, what we agree on collectively, is that…

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On Baptism And Absolute Surrender

Baptisms always make me weepy. For that matter, so does reciting the Nicene Creed, and whispering the confession of my faith, and kneeling at the communion rail. My inability to let things go, keeps the nearness of my sin always at the ready. I am quick to recall my own depravity. I’ve seen the depths of…

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Obedience, Surrender, Trust

When God Invites You

“We have to be braver than we think we can be, because God is constantly calling us to be more than we are.” ~Madeline L’Engle It’s been  4 weeks since I stood up in front of the women at Declare and bared some of the uglier parts of my story. I’m still feeling tender from…

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Obedience, Sacrifice, Surrender

Same Old Story

A couple of weeks ago, I held a microphone in my hand and told my messy-pride story to 150 of the most gracious women, who laughed at all the right moments, and caught their breath with me when I fought back tears. I prayed (begged) God to keep me from completely dissolving when I told…

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Art, Surrender, Worship

On Making Art

At some point, some of you started reading here for the words. I’ve felt a little guilty for the lack of them this summer. I’ve worried about becoming obsolete, about being forgotten. And then I let all of that go, and stepped away quietly anyway.  While I haven’t had many words held out for consumption,…

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Rest, Surrender, Worship, writing


The scarlet Cardinal sings somewhere above my head. I look for him in the neighbors tree, the one to my right, with the low branches that kiss the picket tops of our privacy fence. Staring through the sprawling brown mesh of shaggy bark, I hope for a glimpse of him. He lets loose another shrill…

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Struggle, Surrender

When You’re Drowning

Doubt can feel like the deep end of the ocean. I was 14 the summer I got lost in the waves. I nearly drown that summer, in the rip curling waves of the Atlantic. It wasn’t red-flag day but the tide was strong enough, and the undercurrent deceptive and fierce. I wasn’t far from shore when…

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Dreams, Obedience, Struggle, Surrender

Because God Knows Better

I don’t know why God works the way he does. I write lines and pages trying to work it all out–what He’s saying to me, where He’s taking me. But the truth is, sometimes, I just don’t know. God seems totally fine with this arrangement in this current season, though for me, it’s more of…

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Grace, Guest posting, Surrender

I ignored their begging, as they asked repeatedly where we were going. I wanted to see the surprise and joy on their faces when we arrived, with no pre-concived notions about what the day held. Just a handful of days left to see the butterfly exhibit–that’s what my friend tells me late in the afternoon,…

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