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Color~Five Minute Friday

This has been a long-ish week. I have felt every emotion on the spectrum and I am exhausted. My hands are too full and something needs to be set down… I know what it’s going to be, but it won’t go easily. Yesturday I unplugged from social media. It felt good.  This space here is gonna go dim a bit. Not dark, but definitely dim…. It simply must, just for a couple of weeks, just for this season.  It’s taking more time than I have, and more energy than I should be giving it this right now. I’ll still post a few times, I have somethings already in the queue-

But enough about that. It’s friday. You know how I love these days.  I tweeted to Lisa-Jo late last night that I’d be up early to play and she thinks I’m crazy. Hee hee. But time is short around here for me to play with my words and if I am going to do it, I have to work it in where I can. 

So let’s play this game already. The rules are real simple, write for five minutes, just quickly let the words spill and then leave them alone. Watch how they play on the page and let them rest. Link your results up with Lisa-Jo and then spread the love to others who played with you. You can do that….

The prompt this week, is Color.

My world is brilliant with every shade. Some weeks it’s all blues and grays, and others the reds flash wild and strong. I’m not much for yellows but they come too, in their seasons of gentleness and serenety, sometimes strong like golden dandelions, summer yellows, nearly white-hot and blazing, but mostly we live this life of greens and pinks, dashes of blue ribbon through our days… I sometimes think it would be nice if everything were a steady orange, just a calm and steady color, rather than the explosions of this rainbow that tints this place- but what good would that be.

Just orange.

All of the time.

It’s no solution to the ups-and-downs of these colors popping here. The stormy blues make me appreciate the yellows, the calm serene greens make me appreciate the passionat reds that sometimes fly loose.  And I live surrounded by little people that flash like christmas lights, in every color, each and every day. We see the whole spectrum in just twelve hours some days, and it can be both beautiful and exhausting.

But always, I am learning to appreciate the shades of life as they come. Each one a gift-

Want to play along? Joining with Lisa-Jo and fabulous others for Five Minute Friday today.

Oh and the winner of my {GIVEAWAY} for that awesome “Why Do They Call It Christmas” DVD, is Annie– Yay!! Congrats, sister! 😉

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  1. Wild Optimist

    What a lovely, lyrical nod to the prompt.  I loved your metaphor for the children- I will be seeing my own that way today, now!  I understand what you are saying, and I hope that your Advent season is a blissful shade of serenity blues, punctuated by the greens of Christmas.  

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Anonymous

      You are such a lovely encourager. You bless me with your kindness all of the time!  May your day be rich with the glorious colors of Christ’s love and grace, as you pour out into your little ones… 😉

  2. Anonymous

    oh how i know those flashing lights!!!  and i was just sharing with a friend last night how they. are. exhausting.  yet beautiful.  and i wouldn’t want it any differently.  which is why my own media stream is slowing down.  just to sit.  wait.  anticipate.  enjoy.  without blog posts constantly running through my head.  and i’m. loving. it.  there is a season for everything, and the rest of this month–is advent season, yes?  so, i pray for your rest and anticipation to be just what He needs it to be for you.  and then we will welcome in the new year together with renewed vigor.  
    at least, that is my hope 🙂  
    blessings to you this day, friend!

  3. Ro elliott

    you painted a vivid picture with your words…I love…I am surrounded by little people flashing like christmas lights…
    Blessings as we all learn to see the shades a gifts…

    1. Anonymous

      Some days it is so hard to see the gift of the mean purples and blazing reds but it is in finding the blessing, we find our joy! God bless you, my friend.

  4. Beautiful play with words.  I am so thankful for His colors which overcome the dullness in my life. Oh, I was up late too playing.  The only time I have to write is late at night, or early morning!  Have a blessed day my friend.

  5. Who knew emotions and colors paired so well together, but the expression is a good fit! The volatile experience can be exhausting, I feel it too! We’ll be here when you replug, it’s hard to feel the tug of missing out but none of us are as exciting and important is your little people!

  6. Anonymous

    Hmmm…what I love about this prompt is how each person sees the colors of their world and what each color means to different people. Also…I really love your first pic…how did you do that?

    1. Anonymous

      Hi Lindsey! That first photo is just a bunch of Christmas lights taken out of focus. I thought it was neat even though it was so blurry… It is fun seeing everyone’s veiw of colors, and what they symbolize for each of us. Always happy to see you here, my friend.


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