Come, Lord Jesus: The Weight of Waiting

“I see this book as permission to exhale.” -Karen Sipps


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Praise for Come, Lord Jesus

Come, Lord Jesus is a much needed respite during what’s become the chaos of Christmas. If you’re feeling empty, desperately wanting to see Christ in Christmas, pick up this refreshing book and beautifully prepare your heart for His advent.” Mary DeMuthWorth Living: How God’s Wild Love for You Makes You Worthy

“Advent is a season with more layers and depth to it than I often have time to sink my spiritual teeth into. But Kris Camealy’s words echo just the right balance of spiritual richness and inviting softness to make me feel at home in the season, welcome to enter in and stay long. It is a much appreciated invitation.” Colleen Connell Mitchel, Who Does he Say You Are?: Women Transformed By Christ In The Gospels

“I love how Kris authentically draws you back to what’s true; God’s love, His Word and sitting at His feet. For those weary in the waiting: this devotional is the unhurried space to whisper, ‘Come, Lord Jesus come.’ You’ll be inspired and encouraged to lean in, to give God room to renew, refresh and redirect you this season.”  -Janelle Knox (Founder, MICI Magazine)

From the Introduction

Advent in the church, is a season of preparation rimmed with hopeful expectation. For 23 days before Christmas, we find ourselves waiting for Jesus to come. We busy ourselves with preparations–shopping, wrapping, baking, traveling, partying. Few of us manage to wait quietly. Instead, we fill our calendars with a steady stream of activity, perhaps in an attempt to distract ourselves from the stand-still feeling of the required waiting. Waiting is hard work for people who crave instant gratification. We want to see Jesus now.

“The waiting is not just an indolent ‘waiting around.’ We wait ‘for the morning,’ which is to say that we wait in hope.” 1

We’re not the first people who’ve lamented the seemingly slow gestation of the Holy. From the first exile out of the Garden of Eden, people throughout the centuries have been waiting for their King to come. Come, Lord Jesus they have prayed, and during Advent we find ourselves uttering the same three words. O Come, O Come, Immanuel, we sing, weary from the waiting. Of course, Immanuel, the name Isaiah gives us for the coming King (Isaiah 7:14), means God with us. He has come and is coming. One day, He will come again.

The Advent season provides us a beautiful, and sometimes difficult, opportunity to practice waiting. We won’t do it perfectly. There will likely be more tasks, more invitations, and more opportunities for distraction on our calendars than we can manage. But what if we took just the next few weeks to sit still just for a few moments, to let ourselves feel the weight of waiting? What if we slowed ourselves just enough to whisper Come, Lord Jesus, and then gave Him unhurried space to enter into us? How might the space and pace of waiting affect how we experience the unbridled joy of Christmas, the hope of Immanuel?

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