I used to have a private blog.  It was one that I kept updated just for close friends and family, and for a few years, that was wonderful. Then one day, it blew up. Something went terribly wrong. Most likely, it was something I did, since I am a learn-as-you-go kind of person, it wouldn’t be impossible to think, that in the act of updating it one day, I clicked the wrong thing, or tweaked it just enough to completely crash it for good.

When I called the help line, after a few minutes, the verdict was, “I’m sorry, there is nothing we can do, it appears you will have to start a new blog and copy and paste all of your old content into it.”


Is that so.

We are talking about 6 years worth of blog entries. It took me about two minutes to decide that there was no way that I would make the brutal attempt at transferring I-don’t-know-how-many blog entires. This was, in a round-about way, an answered prayer. The urge to write more had begun to swell and I was starting to get twitchy about what to do with this growing desire.

And then I fasted. I fasted because this feeling, this need to write had begun to percolate in me that was beginning to feel more and more urgent. I fasted and asked God to please, PLEASE speak to me and show me what I should do with this little nudge within that was starting to feel more like a shove.

And after 21 days, Always Alleluia was born. The name, the verse, the desire, all gifts and words sent down from Him.  I have always loved the community that can be found on the internet. I am a social being in nature and crave and enjoy the company of others and the discourse that comes with blogs, social networking, online groups and so on. I have been a member of one particular online group for 7 years, with the same group of women whom I met on another website when we were all pregnant with our first babies.

This group was my first taste of online community, and I have been a part of it ever since.  We don’t share all of the same ideas about raising children, disciplining, politics or even faith, but we are a community of people, who come together to encourage each other, to share this life, these adventures both good and bad. Women on there have suffered losses of parents, losses of babies who should have been still tucked deep inside,  women in this community have fought cancer, have suffered through the shattering of divorce, have traveled to foreign countries. Some of them have met famous people, and  eaten exotic foods. Some have lost jobs and changed addresses. Some of these women went from being unhappy with their health, to running marathons and encouraging others to as well. It is a community where I have been encouraged, uplifted and befriended, despite our many differing views on most things.

Another online community that I have recently joined is the High Calling. Their motto is simple and to the point, “Every day conversations about work, life, and God.”

Though I haven’t had much time to spend on their lately connecting with the other bloggers and members of the community there, it is already very clear from the articles I have read and the comments I have seen left by readers, members, friends, that this place, The High Calling, is a welcoming and fascinating place to meet and grow with others who are on this faith journey as well. A few recent reads on there that I enjoyed, were Dena Dyer’sShining the Light of Compassion and  Christopher Smith’s, When a Door Won’t Close. I loved Brock Henning’s post, Pool Closed, I could completely identify with the entire thing, such a great article. Of course I have wept and prayed my way through Gordon Atkinson’s four parts of  Through Pain and Grace Toward Redemption. Such a tremendous and heart wrenching, and inspiring story he has graced us with. Online communities are everywhere now, and while there are always precautions that must be taken, I believe they can be of tremendous benefit to anyone who is willing to get involved.

Are you a member of an online community?  Why did you choose to get involved?

Visit the High Calling  and check it out for yourself, there’s bound to be at least one, (but most likely many, many more) post(s) that resonates with you.
TheHighCalling.org Christian Blog Network


  1. Hi Chris,nnI am a newbie to the online community in a blog. I have been a member of The Word Guild, a Canadian Christian writers’ group – and Inscribe, another listserv group. However, since April I have been blogging at http://jancoxabetterway.wordpress.com – where I enable comments.nnu00a0It has been an interesting experience. I also check out various blogs (yours included), A Holy Experience being my first when I met Ann Voskamp last year at our writers’ conference. I started Under the Cover of Prayer – with no comments but it has a growing number of interested parties. http://underthecoverofprayer.wordpress.com.nnI love reading the faith stories, the every day life stories and I cherish the men and women who write because God has called them to.nnI chose to be involved because I love reading, and writing. I love God and my faith verse is “feed my lambs”. nnBlessings,nJann

    1. Anonymous

      Wow, Jan. You are so active and such a great encourager to others who have the heart and desire to write for the Lord. I so appreciate the community of believers online, reading their thoughts, seeing glimpses of their hearts, all beating for Christ and his message. I continue t be inspired, encouraged and pushed by the amazing testimonies and stories from others online. I look forward to reading more of your words as well! Thank you for stopping by, and sharing with me. I am blessed by your words. Blessings to you, kind friend. 😉

      1. Chris,nI find the same. I am enjoying meeting more online friends, like you. I love reading your words. So may God continue to give us passion to write for Him.nBlessings,nJan


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