1. Teresa Chrapkiewicz

    Hello! I am writing to ask you if I could use come of your photos on Facebook? I am starting a local author page for the Charleston SC area. I love your photos! I can crop the whole photo and give you credit of course! Thank you, if not I totally understand! OH the photos I’d like to use are the ones that have the books in them …even this one about is great! (You typing of Apple Notebook!)
    Thank you, Teresa Chrapkiewicz

  2. Kris,
    I host a weekday talk show and am interested in reading and discussing your book, “Come, Lord Jesus.” I check on Amazon for the publisher but didn’t see your book. Who’s your publisher so I can contact them. Thanks!
    Lynne Ford
    WBCL Radio

  3. brenda porter

    Kris – looking for a speaker in November and this is very short notice but it’s in the Austin Tx area. Nov. 6th for 35 Early Childhood Directors – wondering availability and price.

  4. Otto Reinhart

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