Courageous~ A {Giveaway}

I remember him, my Father, covered head to toe in camouflage, his perfectly shined black boots- he was serious that day and busy. We were in the process of evacuating due to the fast approaching hurricane. The “storm of the century”, they were calling it. He was the face of courage to me. He packed us up and sent us away from the house, he had work to do, soldiers to account for, loose ends that needed tying. None of us knew how that wind would rip the strings clean off, and what a heap there’d be when we returned. But My Dad, he got right to it. He did the work, and from where I stood, having just turned fourteen, he was the definition of courage. He put us first, and showed us what it was to be brave, to lead, to serve- I see my own husband now doing these things for our four babies. He loves them strong and fierce, he shows them again and again what is to be a man, to be a Father, to lead a family-

The movie Courageous has been out since September in theaters, and though I haven’t made it there yet to see it myself (having four kids makes it hard to get the the theater!) I have heard it is excellent from everyone who has seen it. This film is as much an encouragement as it is a wake-up call of sorts, for men who have lost sight of just how important their role in the home is. We live in a hard world for raising faith-filled children. As parents, we have to work hard and be diligent in teaching our children about Christ, and we have to live what we teach, walking in faith ourselves. It’s not enough to just tell our kids about what it is to be courageous for Christ, we have to show them, through our own lives and actions.

Dayspring has partnered with Sherwood Pictures and is offering a beautiful print of the Resolution (like the one signed by the men in the film) for sale on their website. They also have a wonderful pack of assorted cards geared specifically for men, inspired by the film. The print is archive quality, and is elegant in it’s simplicity. The cards are a wide assortment and seem pretty masculine and appropriate for men of all ages. You can see more about Courageous here.

I am {GIVING AWAY} One Print and one assorted card pack to one blessed reader to be selected at random. To be considered for this {GIVEAWAY} simply:

Leave a comment telling me who demonstrates courage for you.

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**I graciously received these items free from DaySpring for the purposes of my review. The opinions expressed here are my own.

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  1. Munntwins

    My husband is full of courage. He loves to share his faith and has no reservation about doing so. He also is patience, loving and gentle to our 5 children whom 4 are adopted and have learning disabilities. He spends alot of time helping them with their homework to help them understand in their own way. He plants those seeds of confidence, love & joy into their lives. I would not be able to do my job as a “mother” without him by my side. How do you spell courageous? M-A-T-T-H-E-W !!!

  2. Munntwins

    Shares your blog and give away on my FB page (and we do have residence/postal address in the USA even though we are here in AU at the moment!)


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