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Dear Sponsor

This is the last post in the Compassion blogger month series. We were asked to write from the perspective of a sponsored child.

Photo courtesy of Compassion International, Flikr site.

Dear Sponsor,

Thank you for sponsoring me. I am so grateful for your sacrifice and kindness to me. When I get your letters I am always so happy to know you are thinking of me. My mother says that we keep praying and thanking God for His help because the famine is long and we have spent many nights hungry. When we heard about you, my father cried too. My brother used to cry a lot because he wanted something to eat but now he is happy and my mother is happy to see him smile and play. We like to sing songs. Do you like to sing too?

When I come back from the Compassion center I tell my family all about the games we played and the things we learned about God. They tell me that God loves me and that He wants to take care of me and I think it is true because He sent you to help my family. They have told me about this Jesus and I know the stories must be true because it says in the bible that He loves the little children and that He cares for all He has made. I know that He loves me now, and I never knew that before.

I hope one day I can see you.  You can see my little brother and my sisters and Mother.

With thanks and many prayers,



September is Blog Month at Compassion. This post is part of a weekly series through the month of September. As an Advocate for Compassion International, it is my hope and prayer that you’ll join me in sharing the mission of Compassion which is, to set children free from poverty In Jesus’ name.The goal this month is to have 3108 children sponsored–so far, the count is 2,696. Isn’t that exciting?!

If you have any questions regarding child Sponsorship or Compassion International, feel free to email me or drop me a note in the comments section of this post.


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