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On Deception And Real Freedom

On Deception And Real Freedom

Deception and Freedom

I’m always a bit uncomfortable writing about sin. Nobody particularly likes that word, and while I am an expert in the practice of it, I worry that I will be accused of being “holier than thou”, which is a banner I wore many years ago, when I locked myself in a prideful shell of judgment and self worship.

It was so ugly, and I am grateful for the ways God has delivered me from myself.

Still, I sin and I struggle with sin, because I am human and therefore susceptible to the enemy’s deception and temptation.

Every sin has a cost. Every deception of the enemy wounds us, and when we are silent about how we are really living, when we keep secrets about the shameful parts of our stories, we add fuel to his arsenal, which becomes the very thing which can burn our entire lives to the ground.

However, this story has options–there is a way to be truly free

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