Holey, Wholly, Holy (The Book)

Holey, Wholly, Holy: A Lenten Journey of Refinement

High Praise for Holey, Wholly, Holy:

Cover art by Christine

“Holey, Wholly, Holy” is not just another book on the Lenten season. It is an invitation to be changed. It is an invitation into the heart of Christ. Kris Camealy opens a doorway into her Lenten journey, writing gracefully into her own soul’s brokenness, confession and refinement. But as much is this is Kris’ story, it is ours. This is the story of the people of God, being wooed gently back to the cross. Kris rightfully takes the focus off of what we should do during Lent – or, for instance, what we can “give up” for Lent, such as chocolate or social-media. Rather, she puts the focus squarely on the work of Christ, and on what He has already done for us. Jennifer Dukes Lee (Author of Love Idol, & The Happiness Dare)

Holey, Wholly, Holy was like a chunk of bittersweet chocolate to me–a book to be savored slowly for its richness and depth. It also felt like a good movie that ended too soon, until I realized that the real story is what will happen when I embrace my own Lenten season.” Trina Holden (Author of Real Fast Food.)

“This eBook shines Jesus.” Crystal Stine ((in)courage Assistant Community Leader Coordinator)

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 An Excerpt:

Something about the incision site just didn’t look right. Having been through two prior cesarean sections, I had a pretty good idea of what things ought to look like as they healed and this definitely wasn’t right.

I knew a trip back to the doctor was in order. I also knew that I’d probably caused the problem by going against the doctor’s orders. I justified my increased activity levels because I had two other children who needed me, and well, I’m a mom—it’s what I do.

Lying there, exposed on the exam table, I waited and wondered what the verdict would be, more stitches? Glue? Staple’s? What was it going to take to put me back together right?

The doctor gently poked a bit, eyed the incision site carefully, pulled a bottle of silver nitrate from the drawer and then looking up at me over the top of his glasses said, “Take a deep breath, and relax, this is gonna hurt”…. 
Anyone who’s been a Christian for any length of time knows the hard seasons of refining. You recognize the burn of redemption even as it just begins to singe away the scales of a sinful life. The reality is, we are called to live as Christ lived—to be willing to suffer as He suffered, to be stripped of the excesses and pride that prevent us from living a life that more fully glorifies Him.  

This is the hard refinement, the journey from holey (broken in sin) to wholly (surrendered) to holy.

(Selection taken from my (Lenten) eBook.

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  1. Hi Kris,

    LOVE the title of your book as much as the description of it. Can. not. wait. to read it…especially after that glimpse behind the cover. Oh and the cover…yes, it feels right…Christine captured a part of your heart and I believe I see a bit of mine in there too.

    Darlin’, I’m so Excited for the lives that will be touched by this book, the sharing of your sweet-heart. Thanks for being brave, obedient and willing to be holey & wholly so you may be holy. I’m thankful that you are being used by Him to help others thru the process while helping others to remember it. I already feel the tears of empathetic knowing and refreshing burn coming with the reading of your book as I remember my moment of burning redemption.

    The hard seasons of refining are worth the suffering that we may live more fully to glorify Jesus. However, every suffering and memory of it still needs this warning… “Take a deep breath, and relax, this is gonna hurt”…. I’m in a season of remembering and writing it down. I needed this reminder of where I’m going.

    Thanks for taking my hand and letting me walk with you through the memories of your journey of refinement. I know the process was worth it as I know the result I ‘see’ in you now. My heart-sister, I’m blessed by you.

    I pray for God’s most delight-full blessings for you this year! {BigHug}

    Love Ya, Susie 🙂

    1. Susie,
      Your encouragement and enthusiasm for this project are a gift immeasurable. Really. Thank you for these generous words of support and camaraderie from the trenches. I am SO grateful for you, and I pray that you are encouraged by the book, and that you would find yourself even closer to the Lord as He refines you further for His purposes. he is so gracious to shape us into something He can use. I am thankful for the time he takes to mold me, and for the people He brings along side me for the journey–for you!

  2. emmillerwrites

    I’m here at Tammy’s encouragement, and I can’t wait to read your book. I love observing the church seasons! I can’t believe how early Lent is this year!

  3. Mark

    So, is this bait and switch? Is it impossible to actually get the book … it’s supposed to be “free” … the only link takes me to Amazon for $12.00 ???

    1. Mark, I just emailed you. The info above states that the book is offered free for newsletter subscribers. (Bound versions are not being offered for free and can be purchased on Amazon.) The FREE version is a PDF of the book.

  4. Brenda

    Hello! I signed up for the newsletter about a month ago, but haven’t figured out how to download the book. I think I must have missed a step. Is it still an option? I am looking forward to reading it! Thank you!


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