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Eight Years Ago~ Counting Gifts

I Prayed for a baby and got one. Practically as soon as I prayed it, he began to grow. I turned all ugly shades of green and swelled and struggled for nine very long months, countless meals churned and didn’t stay put. Eventually I labored but still, this one was a struggle. Plans changed and he was at last born, though I grieved the method for years.

His dark hair and brown skin, harkening back to his Portuguese roots, he was perfect to us. They said he was a big baby, but he just looked so small in my arms. I had no idea what I was doing. He and I learning together, how to play and restToday he’s eight. Eight years ago he came forth and has challeneded me to be better over and over again.

He loves firecely, and gently, he desires peace and bares a heart for the Lord. He loves gently and sweetly, and I am blessed when I see this side of him in action.

We spend our days finding common ground, he and I, me, the ‘good-enough-is-good-enough’ and him, the perfection seeker. He has opened my eyes to things and given me such joy and so many treasured moments already- He has shown me how to listen, how to move slowerHe marches to his own beat and it is much slower than mine. I rush and race and spin and he moves methodically, taking the time, taking it all in. I am learning to treasure his pace, to accept it with gratitude,how he has been built.

His smile and giggle so infectious and charming, we tease him about his deep “chocolate” brown eyes. He prays with me and we laugh about silly read-a-longs in the curriculum we are wading through. He loves music, though he is too shy to sing alone. At just eight, he has learned to give the glory to God, with him it seems to come naturally, easily even. I watch in awe and amazement. He has blessed us so much and I thank God that he is mine to hold and treasure these days.

Happy Birthday, to our sweet, sweet Luke!

But be sure to fear the lord and serve him faithfully with all your heart; consider what great things he has done for you. 1 Samuel 12:24

Counting o to my 1000 Gifts…

630. Luke. My firstborn son…

631. Each of my children, each born at the appointed time, each one a gift straight from the Fathers hand

632. The quiet moments in between the chaos of life. A few moments sorting laundry, a minute at the sink…

633. The words that are slow coming. Trusting that you will give them in your perfect time.

634. New, and terrifying projects. Counting on Grace to see me through

635. Afternoons at the park with friends. Sweet fellowship!

636. Dresses on clearence. (Score!)

637. New commitments, new improvements.

638. Rest. How bady it’s needed, how you give it in unexpected ways.

639. So many answered prayers for us this week, so many all at once, and so quickly. Grace from your hands, Lord.

640. This thanksgiving season, how it’s humbling us to be more mindful of our gifts. How it encourages s to give more…

Joining the community of friends and Ann in giving thanks for all things. Won’t you join in the praise?


  1. Doveofpeace39

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUKE!!  Enjoy all Extra Special Blessings coming your way today from Our Hevenly Father!!
    Love Your Sister In Christ,
    P. Johnson

  2. Sarah

    Oh Kris, he’s so handsome! And that picture of you two after he was born. Brings back such memories. Please stop by the rookery and say hi today. We all miss you and want to wish Luke happy birthday. New commitments? Answered prayers? What is afoot in your world these days? Happy birthday to Luke and happy day of your first birth to you.

    1. Anonymous

      Sarah~ it touches me deeply that you stop by here, and take time to comment… I do miss you all and there is much to report these days…. I will go and say hi right now…. 😉

  3. Oh I love this – 631. Each of my children, each born at the appointed time, each one a gift straight from the Fathers hand !!! I always struggle with thinking my 2nd son, born 4 & 1/2 years after my 1st – took way too long and they’re too far apart and and and … I needed to read this from you to feel peace !  THANK YOU !

    1. Anonymous

      Oh Stef, I have been there, feeling as if the timing of things hasn’t been right, but the truth is, God can not get it wrong. Accepting it isn’t always easy, but he is good and does only what is best for us, his precious children! Your baby was born the very moment God had in mind. Not too late, and not too soon! 😉 What a beautiul truth to rest in! 😉

  4. Kelly

    how He gives in unexpected ways- isn’t that just so God?  He is mystery!  And I love that about Him!  His plan is always more perfect and grand than mine!  Thanking Him with you all the way from Uganda!

    1. Anonymous

      It IS so God! He gives always and constantly in ways I don’t expect, his blessings abound! Praying for you, all the way in Uganda! Are you in missions there? I am so blessed that you stopped by to read!

  5. karaliechty

    Kris (my cousin’s name is Kris, spelled the same way… it’s unusual for a girl :)),

    What a beautiful tribute to your son.  I have tears from reading it.  You convey that mama-love so well and good.  Bless you and yours on this, your son’s birthday.  I’ve got to get going now, but I wanted to read just ‘one more’ thank you post….. so glad I found my way here!  What a perfect note to end on.


  6. Aren’t those first born boys wonderful?  Mine has root beer barrel colored eyes, that now are covered by stylish glasses, and he loves to tell me about what he is learning in school.  College.  How lovely it was to remember his baby sweetness in your words…thankyou.

  7. Angelaironside

    I have a firstborn Luke as well.  He turns 22 this week.  He is an energetic, fearless, God-loving man-child.  I love him fiercely.  Thank God for our children – our best life-projects.


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