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Everyday Graces ~ A Guest Post

I’ve been quiet here the month of June, but have been blessed with generous guest posts from a few of my writing friends. Today’s post comes from Michele-Lyn who I have only ‘met’ online. Her words are beautiful in their honesty and her heart for Christ encourages me on my own journey to be closer to Him. I pray her words uplift you today!


There they are. The bills that need paying. The papers that need filing. The calendar that needs space. Occupying my writing stool — clothes that need folding, in one tight place — life choking life.

Is all this necessary?

Open there — the words that remind me to breathe, “Only one thing is necessary.” Mary, who sat before the Master, hanging on every word He said, has chosen better than I. It will never be taken from her — or me. But, I give it away when I am overly occupied, busily distracted, and worn weary.

I hear the Lord whisper quiet to my my soul — the same question Jethro asked Moses, “What are you really accomplishing here?”  (Exodus 18:14 NLT)

He asks me…

when I am running ragged from the kitchen to the laundry to the bedroom and the laptop not getting much at all done, while I am trying to do it all.

When the children always need, and I am empty.

When I am exhausted and overwhelmed with the ever expanding to do list filled with my own ideas of what to do’s and not much of His.

When I am worried I am failing because I should be doing more school, and my children should not be fighting so much.

When I choose to carry the burden of raising Godly seed, providing them an education, and the household duties — thinking I must be the one to hold it all       together.

When I finally falter and fall under the weight, not to failure but to my knees, spilling out all over the spills.

Jethro told Moses, “You are going to wear yourself out. This job is too heavy a burden for you to handle all by yourself.” (Exodus 18:18 NLT)

Jesus asks this way, “Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out? Come, get away with me and you’ll recover your life… Learn the unforced rhythms of grace… Learn to live freely and lightly.” (Matthew 11:28-30 MSG) Adapted

There is never enough time to do everything, but always enough time to do the GOD thing.

To live my life in rhythm, find everyday graces, and to make the most of my time — and time equals life — I must understand and firmly grasp what the will of the Lord is. (Ephesians 5:15-17)

I must…

REFOCUS: When the list of to do’s becomes autocratic it’s time to refine it.

I am a wife and mama. With Christ center, my family is first — before sparkly dishes and clean underwear. Relationship trumps all — first with God, then my family, then everyone and everything else.

RELEASE: I cannot run every race at the same pace. If I try to do everything at a perfect 10, to make life work —  burnout is inevitable. Stress and guilt, for not accomplishing it all, follow close behind. I must let go of my own ideals, and unrealistic expectations that do not fit in my season of life. I can ask for help and delegate. I do not have to do it all.

RENEW: Jesus bids us, who are weary and burden heavy, “Come.”  He gives REST, when I cease from striving, carve out time, and wait on Him — alone. As I do, my strength is renewed. I can do nothing, apart from the Vine. Connected to Him, my life will be fruitful. I exchanged burnout for the infilling of the Spirit of God — might and power are not enough.

LIVE: because I cannot RE-LIVE.  Live FULL-OUT — life’s moments. Seize them, and enjoy their unique blessings. I love these words from Bruce Miller (Your Life in Rhythm)

 “Embrace the blessing of your children’s kisses and hugs. If they want to jiggle dance, dance with all your heart. Drink in deeply of the longing looks they give you with their big eyes looking up from the pillow. When they ask again and again for one more kiss good night — keep kissing them over and over, as much for YOURSELF as for them.”

Between the books that need reading and pressure of time on the clock that needs hanging — right in the center, I find Everyday Graces.



Michele-Lyn is a wife and homeschooling mama of four beautiful gifts. She blogs at A Life Surrendured. There, you will find stories of her walking out her days, in pursuit of God — trials and triumphs. She writes and shares in the hope it will to bring encouragement, especially to weary mamas, as she shares the truths she holds tightly to in the fight for the family, and also to stir a passion to seek God. She can be found on Facebook and Twitter


  1. LOVE it! my thoughts exactly. love you, Michele. dont worry about anything–we will connect when its meant to be. nice to be here, again, Kris! i like your idea to take some summer time off–ive been contemplating this as well–feeling like im suffocating–so much around the bend and i cant do it all *and* enjoy time with my kids. i dont want my summer all in knots…maybe i will do some guest posts as well–i already have one lined up and ready to go–just gotta push myself to make it happen. blessings to you.

    1. Nacole,

      Thank you for stopping by precious friend. You are always on my heart. I pray you find your rhythm — God’s rhythm of grace. I am still finding mine. Love to see you out and about 🙂

    1. alwaysalleluia

      I loved that line as well. The link has been fixed now, so sorry about that! ;)Happy to see your little face there, Mary. Praying for you tonight!

  2. Soaking in your words tonight, Michele-Lyn. Thank you, friend, for reminding me what my heart already knew.

    Love seeing you both in the same place! Kris, you make a fabulous hostess 😉 Hugs to you both!

    1. Nikki,

      Thank you for your sweet words. You always encourage! What a blessing you are 🙂 Do you know how many times I re-read these words, to remind myself? Especially the “Release” part! Only by His grace — we journey together 🙂

      And, yes! Kris makes a wonderful hostess <3 So blessed!


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