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Fed Up With Flat Faith

Flat Faith- Kathy Howard

It had been a hard few months. Having three children, 4 and under felt a bit like navigating through a swamp in the pitch black–I never knew what might happen. Some days were mostly manageable, while others the boat tipped and rocked me until I felt sick. Couple the daily unpredictability of chasing 3 kids, with other life-drama that happened to be unfolding at the same time, and it’s no real surprise that I felt overwhelmed.

This was before HelloMornings, before any real accountability entered my life. I had a long list of excuses for why I couldn’t get up early, or otherwise find time to spend with the Lord, reading His word, and listening for His voice. My faith felt dry and flat. I needed something, but I was’t sure how to fit more of Jesus into my crazy schedule.

About this time, we decided to convert the bedrooms around so that my daughter could have a little girls room. This decision would require many evenings spent painting after my kids had gone to bed. The “Ballerina Pink: I had chosen for her walls was not going to apply itself. It was during this month-long room re-design that I discovered the amazing world of podcasts.

I began subscribing and downloading various podcasts of semons from a variety of churches and pastors. The hours spent in the evenings painting, became church for me in the middle of the week. I’d listen to sermon after sermon while I rolled paint on the walls, and as my guest room transformed, so did my own heart. It didn’t happen immediately, but by the time I had completed the renovation on my daughters room, I felt stronger, more focused, more intentional in my faith. Jesus had met me right where I was, through the teachings and preaching of others, His word poured into me and my faith, my heart were nourished by bread of His words.

Flat Faith- Kathy Howard

In our faith life it is normal to experience seasons of intense growth, as well as seasons of drought. The danger lie in a drought that lingers, when we remain parched and thirsty without revival–when we don’t actively seek resuscitation from the Lord.

Kathy Howard has written a book to help encourage and “pump up your faith”. Her latest study, Fed Up with Flat Faith: 10 Attitudes and Actions to Pump Up Your Faith, Kathy takes a closer look at the various things that threaten to snuff out our passion for pursuing God, and growing our faith, and then offers tried and true solutions that can help revive us in our faith journeys. Kathy encourages us to move from trying to work our way closer to Christ, to growing in our relationship with Him.

If you’re in need of a faith boost, I am certain there’s something to encourage you in Kathy’s book. Each chapter contains study questions to help you along the way. We were created to be in relationship with God-not some dull, boring, flat, belief, but actual relationship, where we can spend time learning His heart and hearing from Him–applying His truths to our lives. Want a more vibrant faith life? Start with this book. 

*I received a copy of this book for free from the publisher for the purpose of my review. This post contains affiliate links



  1. Sounds like a great read! You are the second person this week to mention #HelloMornings to me which is sort of ironic/confirming since my sister and I have issued this challenge to one another to embrace early mornings…

  2. Hi Kris, this sounds like a great book. I love encouragement to seek His presence. There is nothing boring and flat about being with Him, responding–fully–to His voice and living out His truth! Yes, I want to live like that. It has been a while since I’ve visited over here–although I read your posts on my phone when they are emailed to me each day. Thank you for your beautiful words and heart, friend. xo


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