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Fessing Up And Letting Go

For the next several Monday’s I’ll be reflecting on thoughts stirred by reading Mary DeMuth’s upcoming book,Everything: What You Give and What You Gain to Become Like Jesus.

Calling All People Pleasers

Of course it would happen that I read chapters three and four in this particular moment of life. In the last month I’ve been struggling to hold on to the various hard-won truths God has been teaching me. As is typical after a spiritual victory, the thief is eager to slip in and rattle my cage again.

Chapter three, entitled, Discern The Vow Factor called to mind some issues that have been bubbling up within me for a couple of weeks (or more) but I had been stuffing them back down. Following that chapter four, Let Go Of the Giants, hammered the point home, reiterating the truth I know in my head but fail to live under sometimes: Seek only God’s approval. Period. <sigh>

It’s no secret how I’ve wrestled with cementing my sense of self-worth. I’m a people pleaser by nature and as a result of that it’s far too easy to lose my sense of direction and value in my quest to put smiles on the faces of others.

Who doesn’t want to be liked? Who doesn’t want to hear they have preformed well? The problem is, as a people pleaser, I’m also saddled by the propensity to do more more more! Mary says,  “Life is a series of promises we break or make to ourselves”–and I know, for me, this is painfully true.

It is impossible for us to succeed at everything, and when we make these relentless vows and then subsequently break them, the feeling of failure sits on our chests and suffocates us, while simultaneously draining us of our value as people. Or maybe this only happens to me….

I hadn’t considered that all my vowing is really a veiled grab for control. Ouch.

As a christian, isn’t my life supposed to be surrendered unto Jesus? I’m not postured for surrender when I’m making promises to do this, that, and the other thing, on my own.

“A vow is something we think in our own strength. It’s internal determination to fix our lives without God’s help” Everything, Mary DeMuth

This is precisely the struggle I keep falling into.

If I really lived with Jesus as my everything, I could stop making these foolish promises under my own strength and rest securely in the reality that apart from Him, failure is inevitable.

I’ve lived my entire life tripping over my bootstraps, while struggling to keep them on, for the approval of others.

I’m done.

Jesus, please, for the love, be my Everything.

Everything releases in October, however, you can pre-order now. Woot!

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0 thoughts on “Fessing Up And Letting Go

  1. AshlieWrites

    So good. So true. I get this…this has been a constant struggle for me, too. Its tentacles go deep and it often seems that just when I sing a victory song, the temptation to let it snag my heart again is so strong. It DOES beg the question…is He really my everything? I pray it would be so!

    Thanks for asking this…I need the check-up. Love you, friend!

    1. Ashlie- thank you for chiming in. So thankful to hear your heart on this issue. I am praying for those of us who wrestle this beast–by His strength we can overcome it. Love you.

  2. I truly want God to be my everything, yet I find myself running to other things and people for fulfillment. I continue to give myself over to the Master Potter, and to be refined in the fire. I want my heart to be completely His.

  3. You know how deeply I can relate to this (ugh). This really caught my attention: “when we make these relentless vows and then subsequently break them, the feeling of failure sits on our chests and suffocates us, while simultaneously draining us of our value as people.” I never thought of it this way, but yes, failure suffocates. I’m always blessed by Mary’s wisdom and insight. Can’t wait for this book to release! Thanks, dear friend. XOXO

  4. Great reflections Kris. I certainly have a hard time letting go of an inherent need to take on more stuff and to appear competent and together. That self image thing is a tough one to let go of. How many times am I simply concerned with doing the things God has placed on my heart? I wonder how content I’d be if I started my day like that? Yikes!


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