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Five Minute Friday~ Catch

Blessed Friday to you, my friends. We made it to the end of the week. And of course, you know my addiction to this Five Minute Friday game, with Lisa-Jo. The rules are simple,  set the timer for five minutes, write, don’t edit, and click ‘publish’. Then take a few minutes to encourage others who are playing the game as well.

The prompt is, Catch.


“Do you hear what these children are saying?” they asked him.
Yes,” replied Jesus, “have you never read,
“‘From the lips of children and infants
you, Lord, have called forth your praise‘?” Matthew 21:16

I stalk them with my camera, These littles of mine. Sometimes I think I am able to catch a moment forever, that says more than my words can say. Lately I’ve been so busy with the mundane and the ordinary that my words have felt muted and dull. My creative juices have been squelched by the break-neck pace of this month. I’m constantly trying to catch up, to catch these little people in my arms and in pictures, to hold them a moment longer, before all of the moments worth catching, are up.

We are racing through life right now and I want to slow down, I want to catch my breath and stretch my neck and my back and my heart– I want to catch the little moments in my big net and hold them forever close, because, at this rate, they will all be past too fast.

My babies are sprouting up and when my five year old uses the word “hypothesis” correctly and casually in a sentence, I realize these kids aren’t babies anymore. They’re on the middle road, somewhere in between and I better stop racing and catch up to them,  fast….


Would you like to play today? What do you think of when you hear the word, Catch?

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  1. Anonymous

    You are so right.  There are a lot of days when I need to catch my breath to keep up with the pace.  But at least you’re aware of it, and someone always told me that if you are at least conscious of the possibility of something, you will try harder not to make the mistake.  …if that makes sense?  

    The very fact that you took the time to take the photo and caught “hypothesis” tells me you are doing your level best.

    And you write great posts, too 🙂  

    Catch you soon!

  2. Anonymous

    love this, Kris!  also love the different meanings of the words “catch” and discovering how people are using it.  and i so understand this feeling you mention.  my oldest is fourteen and i wonder how we got to this place!!!  but we are reaping the benefits of years of building relationship, and it is bittersweet but amazing all wrapped into one.  hang in there, and enjoy the “catching” of those moments 🙂  blessings to you this weekend.

    1. Anonymous

      Thanks, Steph. It is fun seeing everyones responses to ‘Catch”. I am blessed to hear about your sweet relationship with your oldest! What a gift!! Blessings, sweet friend! May your weekend be overcome with Gods amazing grace 😉

  3. Hi there, my friend. I wanted to encourage you to rest in the Grace to be in this place, right where you are. We aren’t expected to savor every single moment. And the moments of feeling muted and dull…they are mercies in disguise; perhaps time of refreshment, slowing down and listening to grow. 

    May you be richly blessed; lifted up and encouraged in such sweet and personal ways. And may you surrender into the Grace meant for you. 

    1. Anonymous

      Amy~ You bless me with such a sweet prayer. I tend to feel defeated in the uted moments, but you are right, they are a kind of blessing in disguise. I am looking forward to an upcoming time of renewal and refreshment this weekend, and am eager to meet God in a quiet place. Bless you friend, you certainly bless my heart.

  4. You described this feeling perfectly…I know it so well.  But I love how you said, “but I better stop racing and catch up to them…fast.” Really cool imagery to describe the irony of racing around to take care of things, but needing to slow down to savor this time with our children…while they grow up so fast! I love it!!

  5. I love how you’ve “caught” your daughter in this photo, and how you’ve captured the essence of what it means to be a mother.  We are always trying to catch up to something, aren’t we?  So grateful for the precious little ones He has entrusted to us, and thankful that you’ll have a chance to catch your breath a bit very soon!  Loved your post today!  🙂

    P.S. Thank you so much for the book! I emailed you this afternoon. Yay!

  6. I am a camera stalker of my not so “littles” too. Although my camera isn’t as good as yours. . what a beautiful picture!  And wouldn’t it be wonderful to “catch” a moment forever. A delicate balance. . catching the moments and living fully in the Present.
    Have a beautiful weekend new friend! 🙂


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