It’s Friday! I’m up early, and for the next few minutes at least, the house is quiet. I’ve got just five minutes to let it all loose, these words, that swirl in me at all hours, interrupting my dishwashing and laundry doing, these words that run like a ticker-tape behind my eyes as I try to read books to my children, and comb ponytails into place- Five Minute Friday is about writing, for the pure and simple love of the craft. And oh,  how I love the craft. So if you’ve got five minutes, why not pour out some letters onto the page, let them come as they do, saucy and messy sometimes, pure and gently, just let them fall as they may and resist the urge to temper them with your critical red pen.

Joining with Lisa-Jo and many fabulous others to write this morning on the word, Unexpexcted.


It was all unexpected, the way you poured out, the way you orchestrated something that had ben planted months before, but shut down by my own lack of consideration for how you move mountains and raise the dead. How is it I forget the mighty works of your hands, and how do I forget that you want to give gifts to your children? How is it that you surprise me with the unexpected? I have a small faith. I realizes this again anad again. I keep my requests, my prayers so very small, this way of being prevents dissapointments form overtaking me, when the answers may be no- But you are such a big God. You give in sweeping ways and your grace, this unimaginable, unexpected (undeserved!) grace pours out for me again and again and agin…. and I am always stunned. Always amazed at how beautiful the works of your hands are. Unexpected like brown birds peeping inside of buildings, you show up in places I assume you won’t and I sit back and shake my head at my foolishness, at my smallness- at how I have lived stuffing you into boxes and squeezing you in between the bindings of journals, when you are a spirit, a living being who moves and hovers and stirs in and around this tiny planet.  You asked me to go, to expect you to meet me there, and for that plane ride, that is all I prayed, that you would just be there, that you would meet me in that place and give me one thing. Vision. And how you have peeled back the scales from my eyes and uncovered the film over my heart-


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0 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday~Unexpected

  1. “I have a small faith.”  yes.  here, too.  i was just thinking this morning that my tasks in life right now seem much too large to handle.  perhaps it is because i’m thinking too small in my asking for help.  
    encouraging words this day, kris.  have a blessed weekend!

    1. Pray Big, and expect God to deliver. That’s what i am slowly learning to do. God is capable of much more than we give Him credit for, we are such fools for thinking he cannot handle these things, aren’t we? Bless you friend, praying for your large tasks to become more manageable. Philippians 4:13, sister-friend. Lean on it. 😉

  2. I love this–how He peels back the scales on our eyes and we *See*–He’s still that God today! The same God for them as He is for us!

    He’ll keep showing you *why Relevant*–just wait. There’s more to come. I can feel it.

    Your words yesterday…they were truly like honey to my soul. Sweet and noticeable. Soft and soothing. I appreciate you, my friend. And I thank God for the way our words–the ones He gives us–have brought us together. 

    Praying you rich, sweet blessings today. 

    1. Yes, Amy, there is more to come.. more on the *why* and I am gathering it up like Manna, one piece at a time, as he slips it down to me… You bless me with your gentleness and genuine kindness all of the time. I pray this day especially, is rich with his goodness and joy as you REALLY celebrate how wonderfully made in Him you are.

  3.  we wrote from a similar place today…you wrote my heart as well…I was nodding my head…oh “me too”…God desires to bring great freedom…we just have to let Him…
    Blessings as He continues to meet us in the most unexpected ways…

    1. Oh thank you, Caroline. He is a patient God, which is wonderful ,since I am so woefully in need of His patience. He gives the best gifts! 😉

  4. Oh Kris! This is beautiful – beautiful even more now because I got to meet you and realize what a treasure you are and how these words are just a five minute glimpse of the journey you are on with Him. What a joy to read about that grace. Thank you for sharing with us!

    1. Hilary, sweet friend, you are such a ray of light. Your face glows with Christ’s joy and he seeps through your words and your spirit. Thank you for coming by today, and I STILL treasure sitting at dinner with you, and enjoying your sweet company! Bless you, my sweet friend!!

    1. Lol, yes, indeed, Lindsey, AH-MA-ZING! He gives and gives and I rock back on my heels in shock at the abundance that flows undammed from his hands. My cup runneth over in this current season…

    1. Oh I am picturing and I, dancing like school girls to the music of His truths, yes yes and amen! He is faithful always, even in the unexpected!! 😉

  5. Hi Kris – visiting from My daily walk – I love this, how you show that we ask so little of such a great God.  Thank you for visiting and commenting and I’m glad you did, because I now found your blog.  Have a blessed weekend 
    God bless

  6. Let me guess – you are describing your journey to Relevant? Let me just say I loved this, and I can totally relate to the unexpected and deep things God is doing in the days and weeks since! He was totally there, wasn’t He? It was a blessing for me, too, to have that confirmed over and over.

    1. Nodding head~ yes, this is about Relevant. God was so obviously there.
      It was such a treat to meet you in person, Trina! What a wonderful spirit you have! I’m so happy you stopped by here today! 😉

  7. How, oh how did I miss this, my kindred heart?  God must have saved this exquisite gem for me, for right now when I needed to hear it. 

    This whispers to my soul today: “I keep my requests, my prayers so very small, this way of being prevents dissapointments form overtaking me, when the answers may be no…you show up in places I assume you won’t and I sit back and shake my head at my foolishness, at my smallness- at how I have lived stuffing you into boxes…”  Yes, yes.  I needed these words and the warm, salty tears that convict in love.  He is so much more than my boxes. 

    Thank you, dear friend.  You are a treasure.  XOXO

    1. Jana, what can I say? You and I, we *live* like sisters who share one heart, across the miles. I look forward to that day, when we hit up Sonic together and spill our hearts in the flesh. That will be a true ‘Happy hour’. xxooo

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