Compassion, Dominican Republic

Food Is Love

Food Is Love

It’s our last full day here in the Dominican. Tomorrow we fly home to our families, but we will bring what we have seen and heard and smelled and experienced home with us. We have been well cared for and blessed by the people we came to meet, by the ones Compassion serves here in the Dominican Republic. For people whom we would consider having so little, we are discovering that they give more generously than one might imagine possible.

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The need here is great. Living on less than $2 a day does not keep food on the table for a family of any size. My Grandfather used to say that “food is love”. This statement is absolutely true. When we feed someone who is hungry, this simple act of meeting a most basic need tells them that they are worthy, that we recognize their hunger, and we understand. Feeding people opens the doors to conversation and a practice of hospitality that we can do easily because we recognize that the need for nourishment is a basic, universal part of humanity.

Part of the Child Sponsorship program at Compassion includes regular meals for the children. It’s a basic physical need that helps open the children up to hearing the Gospel.

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    1. Thank you for reading along, and praying Annie. The work Compassion is doing is amazing, and I am so deeply humbled to be a small part of it.

      You are a generous friend, and I continually thank God for you. I love you.


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