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For When You Forget To Take A Breath

Then God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it he rested from all the work of creating that he had done. Genesis 2:3

In this busy season of raising little people, it’s easy to forget to come up for air.

Yesterday, the earth seemed to spin slower, the clouds barely moved, I took a deep breath.

Watching the kids play is therapeutic sometimes, when we are always rushing–killing the sweetness of life with our constant hurry.

Life is short.

our days are numbered and finite.

How often do we forget the value of slow afternoons,

the fun of rolling down a hill. On purpose.


Some moments are meant to be observed from another angle–a fresh perspective.

Beauty and gifts abound in this world and living behind a screen or constantly tuned in to other things becomes the hidden ticket to sudden death.

I’ve walked the edge. I’ve slipped a bit. I’m stepping back.

Better one handful with tranquillity
than two handfuls with toil
and chasing after the wind.
Ecclesiastes 4:6

Counting on beyond my 1000 Gifts~

1087. The community of believers I am a part of, THIS amazing experience.
1088. Sunday church
1089. A “new to them” book handed down the pew from a friend who sees the kids struggling to be still during the sermon. No judgment, just help offered with a knowing smile.
1090. watching my four roll down a hill for an hour straight. No electronic gadgets in their hands, no hiding behond screens, st kids being kids.
1091. A carriage ride with a neighbor. A first for them, and for me!
1092. Remembering the Sabbath.
1093. The ongoing struggle of being stretched and grown for His purposes.
1094. The hard waiting. Learning to trust in uncertainty.

Joining the community of friends and Ann in giving thanks for all things. Won’t you join in the praise?


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  1. Yes, I am letting Him slow me, too.  It can be a struggle for me to go there — a pushing back of my heart against His.  But, oh, how He wants to give me His rest!  Thank you, sweet Krissie. Your beautiful words and your gorgeous photos bring peace.  And your daughter running, and your children rolling — just rolling! — down the hill!  Love!  Thank you.

  2. HopeUnbroken

    love this.  the theme seems oddly similar to mine.  finding the need to pause.  to contemplate.  to notice.
    love how He talks to us.  all of the time.  and brings alongside others who are hearing many of the same things.
    blessings to you this day, kris!

    1. alwaysalleluia

      Oh what a gift it is, isn’t it, Steph? This constant communication, constant communion… I love that we are only a breath from Him, taht He walks through our days with us… blessings, my friend!

  3. Oh my gosh… Your baby girl is so precious! The joy and sparkle of life in her eyes! O goodness… you are so blessed. I didn’t know your boys were so big… I guess I was just used to seeing your pictures at the top 🙂

    And of course… your words here. I am just plain BUSY! BUSY BUSY! There is not much I can weed from the list right now, but you words I will take with me everywhere I go and remember… to slow.

    Love you and thank you… always truly.


    1. alwaysalleluia

      Yes, my boys ARE big, Like puppies with paws bigger than they are. And that littlest sprite? Oh she’s a handful and a half! 😉 My girls are finally starting to really play together and the way the boys play together, well, I am blessed!! What a gift they are to us!! And yes, making the time to slow… I am also so very busy, but forcing the brakes a bit, I just must. Not sure what is going to give, but something will… Bless you, friend!!

  4. Ro elliott

    This is just lovely…slowing down to drink in the moments…I no longer want to gulp so fast that i lose savoring all the flavor of the moments…you captured this well with your precious pictures and words…blessings as you drink and breath slowly today~

    1. alwaysalleluia

      Thank you, Mike. of course, I am partial to them myself 😉 And yes, 1089 is my favorite too, such a simple, small act, but such a reflection of Christ. Blessings, brother. Hoping and praying you are well. 

  5. This is such a sweet time in your life, raising pressure treasures!  I cannot even begin to imagine how dizzy they were rolling down a hill for an hour.  I’m sure there were lots of giggles and smiles.  Have a wonderful week counting even more eucharisteos!

  6. Rejoicing with you, friend, on slowing down enough to fully see what God has so graciously lavished upon you! What joy!
    Sounds like a lovely weekend. Trusting it filled you up and prepared you well for the week ahead.
    (I’d been convicted of Sabbaths during Lent and am still so blessed by observing it differently. Oh how He loves us to take the time to show us how to improve and simplify!)


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