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 You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit—fruit that will last—and so that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you. John 15:16

I went dry and thirsty to the font. I believed I would find water there. I prayed that I would. I held my breath and fought the swelling of expectations as I flew. Everything had been arranged, everything moved smooth and easy Clearly, God was conducting this. I stooped low and plunged emty hands in, I drank slow and cautiously at first, The roar of voices overwhelming at times. So many faces and so much rich beauty.

Have you seen 200 women in one space who all live for Jesus? Have you ever been blinded by that glow?

I hadn’t.

Not like this. 

My heart swelled with each sip of Him. Each time I brought hands to my lips to be refreshed, His goodness overflowed. It came in a deluge. A wild and overwhelming flood of grace, just poured out heavy and satisfying. I went from bending at the edge of the font, cautiously dipping, to splashing in puddles, as God’s abundance reigned down on me.

I am full. I am refreshed. I am moved.

Counting on to my 1000 Gifts…

614. Relevant. God making the way, meeting the need, surprising me with His vision.

615. Meeting so many amazing women whom I read every day, and now have had the joy of sharing hugs and meals and laughs with, in the flesh!

616. Community. This body of believers.

617. My sweet Michelle, who graciously watched my children so my husband could work, and I could be at Relevant.

618. Friends- so many sweet friends!

619. on-time flights and smooth travel.

620. The stranger on the plane who sensed we shared something, Christ, and told me a story about the Holy Spirit.

621. Roommates, beautiful women, each one.


















622. Lack of sleep, how you Lord sustained in the tired moments.

623. Coming home to my babies, to my blessed Husband.

624. Kurt. My angel husband who encourages and supports me with each step.

625. The end of this insanely busy month. Perhaps a chance to breath…

626. The ‘Hellomornings’ ladies. What a group.










627. Worship with Christa Wells and Nicole Watt. WOW. There are no words.









628. Worship with Shaun Groves. Pure awesomeness.













629. Meeting Ann. Bless you, sweet sister.


Won’t you join us in giving thanks, in praising God for all things that pass from his hands, to you-

What gifts are you counting this week?


**Winner of the {GIVEAWAY} is Vanessa. Look for an e-mail from me!


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