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GiGi~ God’s Little Princess { A Giveaway}

We must have listened to that soundtrack a hundred times already. She’s only two and yet already she knows the words, and I have to giggle when she sings “I want much more than this provincial life”.

She spins quickly and tells me that Gaston is a “meany-pants”. We have avoided the princess hullabaloo fairly well the first three years of my older daughters life, but now, with two girls, princess paraphernalia litters the house, and I cannot take two steps without coming across a princess book, or a gown, or a slipper-even their snow caps have princess images on them, and to be honest, I ‘ve grown a little concerned about the whole princess thing.

I never wanted my girls to get too caught up with the fairytale ideals spouted by large corporations, as if the idea of meeting a prince and living happily ever-after is an actual possibility. While I fully believe I have met and married my prince, and we live very happily, our life is sprinkled with the same struggles that others wrestle with and there is no fairy godmother waving her wand and dusting us in glitter as all of our troubles magically melt away. My ‘castle’ is as messy as my neighbors and we scrub our toilets, and take out the trash, just the same as everyone else.

However, recently, we were introduced to a new princess, GiGi, Gods Little Princess. I was both intrigued and hesitant. Gigi is a precocious little girl with a heart for others and a love of all things girly and princess-y. She also loves the Lord. Through her various adventures, her parents continually point her back to God’s word, as she seeks to discover who she is, and how she ought to behave. My children have watched these videos repeatedly, even my boys, and I feel certain that when my girls play princess, it’s not only Belle who they will be imitating, but also GiGi. That definitely eases my stress about the whole princess thing.

Have you seen these videos?

If you have, what are your thoughts on them? I have a little {GIVEAWAY} 😉
To Enter: Answer this question (MANDITORY ENTRY): How can your daughter(s) learn to be God’s little princess from GiGi?

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0 thoughts on “GiGi~ God’s Little Princess { A Giveaway}

  1. Sarah

    What timing! A friend just told me about GiGi as we were discussing our daughters and their princesses!

    I’m hoping GiGi can help my daughter learn life’s most important truth…she is the daughter of the King!!

  2. Meridith Todd

    I have never heard of Gigi but wonder if Em would enjoy her!  It’s hard to answer the question not having heard of Gigi before, but I would love for her to learn more about putting others first. 🙂

  3. Rachel Kingston

    I can teach my daughter by reading God’s Word to her and showing her by example how even mommy is God’s princess!

  4. Icmo37

    i joined you on facebook..nice article, i dont have little girls on my own, though i just got a little niece from my sister…my daughter is a bog princess of 15 years old

  5. Teresa W

    Wow, is this a hot topic in my home!! I have a 16 year old daughter and a 6 year old daughter, and feel like I haven’t done a great job teaching the older that she is God’s princess. Trying to me much more intentional at an earlier age with the little. We don’t own the videos and would love to check them out!! I subscribed to your blog and have liked your FB page 🙂

  6. Example, if you are not an example of someone who is trying to follow God with everything, than she will never learn. Also helping her investigate his word and encouraging serving from a young age.

  7. I love that Gigi teaches my girls how to be a princess from the inside out, not just looks or princes or fairy godmothers, but teaching them their actions, how they treat others, their love for God, etc. are what make a girl a princess is what’s important!  

  8. Gcsteacher2

    We love Gigi. In fact, this is the only Princess that my daughter knows about and she is 5. I love Gigi because like any little girl she has her own thoughts on things, curious, etc. but she is always directed by her parents. She is taught to honor and respect them and the authorities in her life (although at times it is a process…true to life). I also love the fact that God is a major factor in the videos that I have seen. My daughter has been asked by people who is her favorite princess and she says “Gigi, God’s Little Princess.” Most people do not even know who she is talking about. It gives us an open door to share Jesus with others!! This has also given us lots of opportunities to talk to my daughter on how to be a princess and what a true princess is by using the Word of God!! LOVE GIGI!!!!

  9. Mary

    Gigi is new to me! My mother-in-law bought my daughter (19 months) a Gigi pop-up book and I had never heard of her before! Any princess that looks to God’s word for guidance is a princess I want my girl to admire. I love the title on the CD that says “Real princesses treat everyone like royalty”…especially since we are beginning to struggle with the concept of sharing! Thanks for the giveaway. Even if I don’t win, I will have to look into these!

  10. Rebecca

    I so need to get these books… my middle child is all princess.  Always wants to wear dress up, always wants to do things her way and always wants someone else to do the hard stuff (pick up) because she wants to be a princess.  I never wanted this and when I heard of the Gigi series I told my husband we have to get this and see if we can get her to change her perspective on what it means to be a princess…  If she wants to be God’s princess I’m all for it, but she still has to help pick up here on earth!  🙂

  11. Rosann

    Oh, we love the Gigi books.  My six year old and I are reading the children’s Bible version of God’s Little Princess.  It’s wonderful and speaks right to her heart of where she is at 6yrs old.  I think the videos would do the same, but also speak to my 3yr old.   They can relate with adorable Gigi because…well…great girl minds think alike.  🙂


    1.  sorry, I didn’t actually answer the question! I want my girls to learn that they are God’s special treasure… just the way they are and that each of us is unique and made for God’s purpose

  12. Amber

    Your blogs and posts are such a blessing.  Every morning without fail there you are Always Alleluia… and nearly always precisely what I need to start the day out right. Thank you Krissie.  


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