God Redeems Our Pasts

God Redeems Our Pasts

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If I’ve learned anything during God’s constant refining of me, it’s that God redeems our pasts. Just because something has happened already, does not mean God cannot go into that space in our lives, and in our memories, and heal us. No part of our past or future is beyond His reach.
 God Redeems Our Past

I’ve never been more thankful for His redemption than I am these days. As He continues to sift me, I am struck by the depths of my need for that redemption, my absolute desperation for His grace.

I mention in my book, Holey, Wholly, Holy, that one of the ways God sometimes chooses to refine us, to heal us, is to bring memories to the surface of places we have lingering wounds, or unconfessed sin. This process can be startling and deeply difficult, but if we turn to God with these parts of our stories, He can bring us to new places of freedom and hope.

There’s no statute of limitation on sin. Unrepented sin doesn’t get a pass because it’s old. Though God has mercifully changed my heart, I still hoard a heap of ugly that has yet to be laid bare before Him.

Earlier this week I shared a humbling story from my past over at Managing Your Blessings. You can read that post HERE.

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