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God’s Vision For You

Lately, I’ve been wrestling with a vision I felt came from the Lord. The trouble is, right now, things are not happening in the way I imagined, and by all my human eyes can see, it actually appears as if nothing is happening. My impatient human self, is constantly tempted to forsake the vision, to blow it off as a delusion, or worse.

What we fail to realize when God reveals His vision for us, is that often, it takes time. When God promised Abraham his descendants would be too numerous to count, I am certain, that vision was of a future he could scarcely imagine.

Sometimes, God gives us a glimpse of something bigger than we can wrap our minds around–maybe even, it appears impossible.


What do you do when God gives you His vision for you?

Join me today over at 5 Minutes for Faith for a little biblical direction on owning God’s vision for you. Click here to  join the conversation.

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