Five Minute Friday


It’s Friday. The week has limped along slow, stifling humidity coupled with the last wily days of summer have spun us in a slow tilt-a-whirl of activity. But this is a moment to let. It. All. Go.

This is a chance to take a deep breath and let the words out. Whatever shape they take, there’s no right, just write.  Lisa-Jo picks the prompt, and this week, the word is Graceful.




It doesn’t matter that I took dance for all those years–whatever grace I learned through my training isn’t enough to help me glide through this life without my heart and soul knotting up in webs of fear and some kind of chaos.

My faith walk has looked more like a sobriety test on a Saturday night, staggering forward and to the side, leaning one way, then swinging back the other direction, one step forward, a slouch backwards–you get the picture. Totally ungraceful in every way.

My own character flaws burn hot in every range of color, and that’s a light I’d rather stuff under a basket, I’d hoped that my faith would snuff that mess out.
But instead I sit, still weak, still flawed, but saved–by grace of course, not my own doing. He is grace-full where I am perpetually lacking.

His love surrounds me and tonight, of all the nights, when I needed it, He showed up, just like He does, in His divine mercy and grace, He spoke and encouraged through a smattering of other grace-seekers. And it doesn’t matter that my faith is messy, and sometimes confused. I’m accepted because of Him, in spite of me.

He makes us all worthy even as we lack all the qualifications we fret we need. This isn’t a competition, it’s community. When will I receive that truth? When will we see that the grace we need is available and all our awkward posturing, all this covering of ugly is a pointless game before the one who sees our staggering.

It’s ok to trip. It’s normal and human to move with a stutter and shuffle along, with our various limps and soul-deformities. We are made new and right in Him. He makes us graceful because He walks beside us, holding us up.

He props us up without our knowing, often without our thanks–

Holding my head a little higher tonight because I found a community where grace is the spoken language.



The community I’m referring to is the pre-game party that happens on twitter. The hashtag is #fmfparty and I’m telling you, if you need encouragement, if you need a virtual hug and some sister-friends to love on you and encourage you, look no further.

We’ll be looking for you next Thursday night, about 11PM. 

Joining Lisa-Jo and fabulous others for a five minute write. Why don’t you give it a try?


  1. sarahannrogers

    I LOVE this community.
    “He makes us all worthy even as we lack all the qualifications we fret we need.”
    Thank you so much! So good for my heart…

    How did I not find you all until now?

  2. Fiona

    This. This is beautiful and brilliant and wonderful. Wonderful words full of truth and pointing the way to Him. I love that – ‘in spite of me’. Fabulous words. xx

  3. I am so looking forward to having you at my place in a couple of weeks. I absolutely love you! I cannot wait to hug your neck & we will talk. There will be many wanting your attention at Allume — I am claiming my time now 🙂 It doesn’t have to be long 🙂 I will treasure the moments with you…

    I love this… “And it doesn’t matter that my faith is messy, and sometimes confused.”

    Yes, this resonates deep. God is doing a work — in both our hearts — I know.

    Love you and praying for you…

    1. My sweet friend. This whole comment brought a rediculously smile to my face. Really. We will find a corner to chat in at Allume, I know we will.

      I’m so grateful for your friendship, for your encouragement and kindness. I don’t know why God chose to bless me with you as a friend, but wow! I am grateful!

  4. Hi – stopping by from 5 Minute Friday. Oh. My. Word. What a gift your writing is to us readers! “my faith walk is more like a sobriety test…” I can so identify with this ungracious way of walking what I talk. Thank you, Thank you for sharing your words!

  5. StefanieYoungBrown

    Once again, your words ring loudly, true.
    This community we belong to has forever changed me. Through HIS grace and the loving grace of others, I was welcomed and propped up. So thankful and forever grateful!

  6. HopeUnbroken

    love, love, love this! maybe i’ll try to catch the party next week 🙂 thought about it last night, but was just. too. tired.
    have a great weekend, kris!

  7. Positively Alene

    “My faith looked more like a sobriety test!” Girl – I had to chuckle. Chuckling – to crying – cuz it’s true. That’s me, my life, my wavering grace. I love that I’ve found others girls that I can trip through life with. Thanks friend.

  8. You know you speak my heart language..and when I got to
    He props us up without our knowing, often without our thanks–

    it hit hard! Oh my goodness…what grace.
    So blessed by you and friend, I’m still filled from our time together last night! I can’t even describe what a gift it is to meet and bare souls 140 characters at a time! Who would have known…what grace.

  9. Swelling with joy and peace right now. Love your words – each and every one of them. You speak with intentionality and grace. To everyone. Maybe not always to yourself – but sister, that is not a pointed-finger perspective. Oh no, it is a battle-scarred, fellow-soldier, fox-hole huddling perspective. I understand beyond the measurement mere percentages can bring. Every ounce of my fleshy fibered being relates to that. To the inability to muster grace when facing a mirror (real or proverbial).

    I don’t mean to be Queen of Tangent Land, but I just ooze with personal experience of that and I caught traces of a soldier in arms last night. And all I want to do is lift you up above the rapids that churn. I’ll be there too. Trying to see the perspective of heights. I can do nothing without Him first doing in me, for me.

    I responded to your kindhearted encouragement you left on my post today. I want you to read those words of thanks too. I mean every syllable. And I will pledge to be a part of His Body in the best way He makes me to be. Prayers, exhortation, mercy, a listening ear…I long to be that for each of you – my new sisters – fellow members of the glorious Christ-declared Body.

    May your day be full of only His vision, His perspective, and most importantly His identity of you, His precious daughter.

      1. I don’t know what to say. I’m honored beyond measure, and I know without a doubt that none of those were my words. If they stirred in you so deeply, then Hallelujah sister – how God spoke today! That was His always-near voice. His syllables. His syntax and rejoicing. Ahh…what glorious blessing to be a part of something so uplifting!!!

  10. Kris, I’m so glad i butted my way into this little party a couple weeks ago. It is truly fuel for a weary heart at the end of what can be a hard week. Looking forward to partying with you without having to put a hastag after every choppy sentence.

  11. I just love you. You know that, though, right? 🙂 The way you string words together is a beautiful gift. Thanks for sharing your heart. I tried FmF for the 1st time today. Difficult, but enjoyable. If I’m ever awake at 11pm on a Thursday night, I’ll be sure to tweet ya. 😉 Happy Friday, dear friend!

  12. It’s not a competition, it’s a community! Ain’t that the truth. I have to hammer that in my head over and over again. It makes it so much easier to NOT compete when you know the heart behind these women. They are real people like you and me.

  13. Kristen Hamilton

    Love this: “We are made new and right in Him. He makes us graceful because He walks beside us, holding us up.” Amen! What a beautiful picture.

    “He props us up without our knowing, often without our thanks–” Wow-how true is that?!?!

    Thanks for your beautiful truth-filled words, sweet sister. They bless my soul!

  14. I love your heart. Such an outpouring of love and grace. I have missed the Twitter parties. What time do you all check in, and what time do you log off? I may never get to participate, as I have a prayer meeting on Thursdays, but it’s been fun stalking the stream!


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