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I heard them murmuring at 4:30, when my alarm went off. I wake early to write, to pray, and when they wake equally early, sometimes it challenges me. *sigh* But they are tucked back into bed, and I sit here, praying they will sleep longer, not just so I can write, but because the afternoons are so very long and our moods all turn so very sour by 5PM when the day starts this way…  We shall see what the day brings!

It’s friday, that means time to play with Lisa-Jo and others, this crazy little freedom-game called Five Minute Friday. The rules are simple, write for five minutes, don’t edit, and then post. The most important rule, is that you MUST comment on the person before you in the link up. If you have time, perhaps you’ll spread even more comment love all around the other posts, but that is the point- to share the love and encouragement with others who are stepping out and playing this scary word game.

The prompt today, is Grow


The growing never ends. I thought at 21 I was all done growing. I was an adult, I was finished with school, I was full-grown. This of course is not even close to the truth. The growing never stops. In time my faith has grown, my love for my children, for my increadible husband, all grown and stretched to depths I didn’t know existed. It has all grown wild and changed, flouished and sprung up- a garden with the richest soil, producing such a harvest I cannot contain. I gather the fruit into my apron in the afternoon sun and as I gather, so much still remains. I haven’t even made a dent in collecting, in carrying how much has grown here, in this heart, in this soul- in this house and in this family that we have grown. The abundance of goodness, of treasure that God has given, my hopes have grown, my joy has expanded wide, to encompass all of this and more- more that will come as it all just cntinues to grow, in the good favor of the Lord, who has generously planted and watered and shared his fruit with us here, in famon and drought, he has given, and through it, we grow in faith and love towards Him, towards eachother…


 I’m guest posting over at {in}courage today, won’t you join me?


 Congrats, Brooke. E-mail me within 48 hours to get your coupon code! and THANK YOU to everyone who commented, I pray all of you enjoy a blessed and peaceful Thanksgiving!


  1. Since the link was missing for 5 minute Friday, I decided to check out the comment before mine and I am so glad I did!  This is so true…we NEVER stop growing and you have written so beautifully about this.

  2. Diane Shiffer

    I absolutely *love* the imagery of you gathering, your apron full to overflowing, but so much left behind… the lavishness of God is something that never ceases to amaze me. It seems “wasteful” to my frugal, pinch-penny self…. but I am so very thankful for it♥

    1. Anonymous

      Oh thank God He doesn’t pinch pennies, his small gifts to us, put my “abundant” offerings to shame. He gives like no other, and in the showering of his grace, I grow. Thank you for stopping by here today. You have blessed me.

  3. I used to think the same thing–that I was done growing, or that most especially I thought I *should* be done growing. Being a momma was that landmark when I thought I should have it all together. I’m so glad it’s not true…and I’m so glad how we grow together through this community! 

    1. Anonymous

      oh yes, Amy. Me too! What a community this is, I am richly blessed by you, and so many kindred others who share their heart here, in this wild and unexpected space.

  4. I love you, sweet sister friend. 
    I could just stay here, at your blog, all day… and just hang out with the warm images that you create, and the feeling of home that you inspire.

    I adore your heart.

    1. Anonymous

      oh Merideth. You bless my heart with such loving comments. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU, for your sweet words. Bless you, my friend. xxoo

  5. Hey there! I’m returning your visit to my blog. 🙂
    You are so right. Growing up never ends… and I honestly believe it gets harder with time because we’re so sick of having to change and face things that push us to the edge… but even though growing up is hard to do, we don’t much have a choice but to get our act together and keep on moving. Life is the greatest gift and the least we can do is be thankful. 🙂

  6. Ro elliott

    amen…growing never ends…even here in my 50’s i know I have so much left to learn because the depths of God’s ways can never all be uncovered…I love the joy that comes through you post…’

  7. Anonymous

    ah, what a blessed tribute!  that we might always remember the abundance of His goodness and the treasure He has given.  good words, and i feel like i’ve spent the day living them 🙂  it’s been one overflowing with love and goodness.
    thanks for the b-day wishes!
    have a beautiful weekend,

  8. Hi Kris,
    I can sooo identify with that early morning scene, attempting to get some peace by getting up early (not ever easy!) only to end up tending to a little one who refuses to sleep and will be in a foul mood later in the day. I hope your afternoon and evening went better than you anticipated.


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