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He Chose The Nails

April 24, 2012

“How wide is God’s love? Wide enough to include the whole world. Are you included in the world? Then you are included in God’s love.” Max Lucado, He Chose The Nails.

On Good friday I laid my babies down for a nap and watched  The Passion of The Christ. I drew the curtains, curled up with my tissues and experienced that film for the first time in it’s entirety. I have read the story hundreds of times, I know the horror of christ’s crucifixion on a very small level in my mind. Seeing it played out, in such vivid imagery, brings a new dimension to the truth of it.

I like to forget that I am a member of the mob screaming for Christs death over that of a known murderer. I don’t want to consider my role in nailing Christ to the cross.
I recently read Max Lucado’s book, He Chose the Nails. What a breathtaking look into the cost of our freedom.

Lucado tenderly, and poignantly reveals the cost of grace, the love of God who would choose His only son to purchase that grace for us. Lucado weaves a beautiful story of Christ’s passion for us, that He would willingly go to the cross, choosing obedience to the Father out of love for the very people who hungered for His shed blood. Max reveals the significance of each aspect of Jesus’s persecution from the crown of thorns, to the nails chosen, the lashes received, the robe worn–each tells a piece of the story.

Admittedly, I have always appreciated Max Lucado’s relatable style. I find his books easy to read and startlingly profound. This one is no different. I happened to be reading this book the days leading up to Easter, which was the perfect time for such a book, but there is no better time for the truth than right now. If you haven’t read this one, you should. I will be reading it again sometime, because my memory is short and these truths are ones worth repeating.

“Christ includes you. When asked to describe the width of his love, he stretched out one hand to the right and the other to the left and had them nailed in that position so you would know he died loving you.” Max Lucado, He Chose The Nails.

If you want to know the saving grace of Christ and the love of a God who would choose you at the expense of His own son, pick this one up.

*This book was provided to me, for free, for the purpose of my review. The opinions expressed here are strictly my own. This post contains an affiliate link. Read my full disclosure HERE.

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  • Caroline @UnderGod’sMightyHand

    I’m glad you reviewed this, Kris. I like his relatable writing style too, but haven’t this one yet. The title alone is profound and grace-filled.

    • alwaysalleluia

      It’s a good read. I definitnly recoment you get a copy and perhaps read it once a year… such a good reminder fo the cost, and the GRACE! 😉

  • Ali Yousuff

    Dear mam pl ponder on what i am sending  here Religion and belief is no fancy event-but it has precedence which was broken by paul and see the result in-JUST READ THE HISTORY HOW UNITY OF GOD WAS ABOLISHED AND TRINITY WAS ESTABLISHED. major turning point in Christian history occurred when the Roman Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity. Whether this conversion was sincere or politically motivated, historians can only speculate. But the result was the end of persecution of Christians and the beginning of Christendom.called pauline christianity.the concept of trinty which defy’s the God of abraham all the prophets and jesus himself. AND YOU ARE LIVING IN DELUSION-” This was then later (as seen
    previously), ever so subtly changed to “And without controversy
    great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifest in
    the flesh….” Thus, the doctrine of the “incarnation”

  • Michele-Lyn Ault

    I wondered about that book,  and seriously considered getting it before Easter. I should get it soon… wonderful review.