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He Will Mend

He Will Mend

On October 18th, my 2nd book, Come, Lord Jesus: The Weight of Waiting releases!! For the next few weeks I have invited the members of my “street team”  to share their stories and reflections on the book, the topic of waiting, and Advent. Stay tuned in the next couple of weeks for the FREE download of the first 5 days of Come, Lord Jesus: The Weight Of Waiting. 


When I saw the opportunity to be a part of the launch team for Come, Lord Jesus in mid August, I knew God wanted me to jump in. And I also know that when He invites me to join a work, He has an adventure planned for us. This is always a good thing. However, I also know that in the good things hard things will come too and healing things. Thus, the journey begins.

I downloaded my copy of the book, grabbed my journal, and set out to read. Because this is an advent book, I wanted to read it daily just as I would during the actual advent season. I have never had a set reading time, mainly because I truly bristle at set schedules and they have never worked out according to my plan anyway. As a result, my study time looks different each day, and over the years I have found that God orchestrates these times perfectly meeting my specific needs for each day or time period.

Come, Lord Jesus

At the end of August, I was driving to a gathering I attend each week, and during this drive I witnessed a woman being beaten in her vehicle by the man driving it. I was behind them watching this man literally stand up out of the driver’s seat to punch her as their van swerved all over the road. Once I realized what was truly happening, I grabbed my phone. I was helpless other than calling it in and giving a description.

We were stopped at a train at this point, and I could hear him screaming at her. I believe he saw me with my phone taking a photo of his vehicle because the punching had ceased. I was able to give a full description of the man and the vehicle as well as the direction he drove once traffic moved. I spoke to another officer later and gave a more detailed description of the man, hoping they would locate him.

I went through the rest of my day somewhat stunned; silently praying that the woman gets help, that the police find them, and that she presses charges. I had already told the police I was willing to testify to what I saw. I wanted him stopped – I want all the “hims” stopped. Once I was home, the injustice and the pain and the fear fell hard on my heart and I just sobbed it out, “God fix this! Fix it! Come fix it!”.

Within the next hour, I read the December 5th entry entitled Every Valley Lifted and God began to speak to my hurting heart.

“One day, God will grab hold of the edges of the earth and STRAIGHTEN FOREVER the wrinkles that sin has gathered in its FISTS…, but in God’s perfect, appointed season, HE WILL MEND what sin has broken.”

You see, the image of that man’s horrid fist coming down onto that precious woman’s face was etched into my mind. I could see her trying to fix her makeup as we all sat waiting for that train to pass by. And then God brought me to His word and the words He gave Kris for this book, and He etched a new picture onto my heart.

He will mend what sin has broken. Kris goes on to write, “He will gather us, His lambs, to Himself, gently and mightily carrying us to the place where every valley is lifted and the uneven ground is level.”

Such sweet, sweet balm to my spirit that weeps. And I knew just as He had come to comfort me, He was aware of that dear woman’s life and would mend what was broken in that situation in His time and had invited me to pray for them.

My heart cried, “Jesus, come!” And He did come, in His perfect timing. He does EVERY TIME! Not only did He come for the pain of that day’s events, He came to heal something much deeper in my heart, and He gathered me into His arms.


screen-shot-2016-10-02-at-7-02-05-pmGuest Post By

 Lori Whitaker is married to Parker and mom to Riley, Grace, & Garrett and a Chihuahua named Lucy.  She is a teacher by trade who chose to step out of her public school classroom when her first daughter was born in 1999.  She is currently living her dream life in Plymouth, Michigan while home schooling her son who is in 8th grade.  She enjoys building community through knitting, reading, gardening, illustrating scripture, cooking, baking, & blogging.  It is her passion to share the life, love, & truth of Jesus in every aspect of her life.


  1. A beautiful reminder of God’s love and provision in the worst of situations and a call to be present each moment to be a help. Appreciate this by my dear friend, Lori. Congratulations on your new book, Kris! Excited to read it for Advent. Thanks!

    1. Wow, Michelle, thank you for such sweet encouragement. Your friendship and love carried me through much in college and your words way back then have stayed deep in my heart. I pray soon we can actually catch up face to face. I love you!

  2. Kris Camealy Author

    So grateful for these words, Lori. Every time I imagine this scene, my heart breaks a little more for this woman, and so many others who are waiting for justice, waiting for Jesus…The suffering of this world is stifling. If it weren’t for the promise of Immanuel, the hope of resurrection, I don’t know how any of us could bear to encounter the ravages of sin. But Jesus. He was. He is. And is to come. On His back I heap all of my hope, for even that is a bundle too much for me to carry.


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