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Hold The Door {My Declare Conference Podcast}

Hold The Door {My Declare Conference Podcast}

Several months ago, the beautiful women behind the Declare conference reached out to me, and invited to serve as the keynote speaker at their conference this summer.

The invitation came as a complete surprise on the heels of returning from Refine {the retreat}. This opportunity is an outlandish gift, and a divine opportunity that I never saw coming.

One of the challenging lessons God continues to teach me about is humility. If you’ve read my book, you know some of this story already. You know how I’ve battled pride and how God has transformed me through His generous refining process. At Refine, God asked me to be a “door holder”, which comes from Psalm 84:10. It’s been a year since God pressed this message into my heart, I am still learning what this means. Already I can tell you that the journey so far has been astounding and beautiful. god repeatedly reminds me that when we serve in the specific places and ways that he has called us, the burden is lighter because He enables us to do the work. The freedom that comes through obedience is life-giving.

I am both excited and completely humbled to be traveling to Dallas in July to help hold the door for the attendees and share a message that God has burdened my heart with for a long time.

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A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to chat with Heather about some of the ways God has asked me to step out in faith over the last several years. You can listen in HERE.

I pray you are encouraged and inspired to step into those places where God is calling you. Let me know if I will be seeing you at Declare. I’d love to give you a hug in July!


  1. On Hayden Lane

    Love this. And love that you said, “let me see if I get this right” when you listed your kids names. That’s so me.

    Janelle “Nell”

  2. like the others, i only have one word – BEAUTIFUL! both the cake and the liner! My hokkaido chiffon cupcakes always turn out wrinkled and nowhere as pretty as yours! love the decoration on them and the would i want to eat one (or more) now!

  3. Oh, this is so what i do with my blogs when I am procrastinating and get tons of giggles from the searches. Of course lots of pervs but lots of super crazy ones that make you wonder WHY did you feel my blog was a place to find your answer? Too fun!

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