How To Give The Perfect Gift This Christmas


Because we have four children whose birthday’s fall between between the beginning of October and three days after Christmas, there’s a lot of gift-talk flying around this house. Most days, I enjoy hearing about the things the kids are interested in, but to be honest, by Christmas, I grow weary from hearing the lists of material desires rattled off constantly.

Our mailbox suffers daily assault from suffocating stacks of sale fliers, toy magazines and coupons and here we are, barely sneaking into December, and I’m ready to call down a grinchy ban on all wish-list speak.

Trying to teach our children that Christmas is more about giving, than receiving in this materialistic society, feels like pushing a sled uphill in the summer with an elephant on top.

Last year, we were introduced to the Compassion Gift catalogue. This was a gift to our family. Thumbing through the pages with our children, we were able to talk about the value of a gifted bag of seeds, and what good a goat could be for a family in the sticks. We talked about how you could give a community, a whole mini-farm, and how a mosquito net could actually be the gift of life for people in areas where Malaria runs rampant.

We’re learning as a family how to really live Christmas, and it’s a little easier with resources like this.


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  1. sarahannrogers

    Thank you for sharing this! My family keeps asking us what we all want, and besides a couple of basic needs, I can’t think of anything. We are so blessed, and this is a great idea!
    I hope you have a wonderful Thursday, friend!

    1. Sarah, I think asking family to put money towards something form the Compassion catalog is a great way to celebrate Christmas. We picked things out with the kids last year and it was awesome. Also, child sponsorship is another great way to give 😉

  2. My daughter suggested that we make each other gifts this year. With the money we will save, we will be making a purchase from the Compassion Gift Catalog. We have so much and feel silly buying things, just because it ‘expected’. Hope you have a lot of fun celebrating all your birthdays and Christmas!


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