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How To Renew Your Strength {Dear Weary Mom}

It’s been quiet here this week, I’ve been on my monthly social media/blogging break. I’m peeking in today to share this post that’s up over on the Hope For The Weary Mom site, I hope it encourages you.

Weary Mom

Dear Weary Mom,

What a week you’ve had. Between the mountainous laundry and the meals and the baths and the appointments, between the soccer practice and recital preparations, and in between the errands–when you forget that one specific thing you went to the store for in the first place–you’ve got to be tired.

I know. Me too, girlfriend, me too.

Be still. Just for a few minutes. Wait on the Lord.

I know we’re busy–we don’t have time to wait. But the thing about motherhood is, it never stops and so, we have to learn to wait. We have to learn to be still. Waiting is an art, really. It must be practiced and honed. Whatever kind of artist you are, you can learn to do this well….

I’m sharing these words of encouragement over at Hope For The Weary Mom today, Come join me over there to finish reading

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