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How We Can Hear Him

She’s staring at me with her blue-gray eyes edging downward.
The corners of her mouth tilt towards the floor as her bottom lip protrudes just a bit, in a natural pout.

“I just can’t hear Him, Moooommy!” She moans the words and I feel the tears welling because I know exactly how she feels. I’ve lived a handful of quiet seasons between He and I and I know the deafening silence of the waiting. The wondering. The struggling to believe in the dark–

I swallow the tears because this is not the time–(though lately it’s never the right time for a good sob but it seems as if it’s always fighting for air when His name is mentioned).

“How can I hear Him if He’s so quiet? God needs to talk louder so I can hear Him!”

I nod understandingly. I stroke her silky-fine hair and try gently, persistently, to force the errant strands back onto their side of the part.

“He speaks to you in your heart” I say, touching her just there, in the ribs. She huffs a little and pushes back into the couch.

“Well, I can’t hear Him”.

But in that desperate moment of parenting it’s me who hears Him:

My sheep hear my voice, I know them and they follow me. John 10:27

As quickly as the words zip from brain to lips we’re all of the sudden talking about sheep and shepherds and obedience and listening–she’s only four and this all feels a little much–but she listens and laughs at being called a sheep.

I offer silent thanks to God for His swift assistance in helping me help her.

Motherhood requires so much leading and some days I plain forget the words, stumbling over toys, over misplaced ideals and all this laundry. I forget the Word but He’s so good to speak it when I need it most–

We hear Him by knowing Him–by abiding in Him. I needed those words from John as much as my girl did. In order to hear I have draw near.

I rise from the couch to return to the folding and dinner making, looking at her once more to shore up any loose ends.

“Still–” she sighs long, her eyelashes brushing those too-long bangs framing her face, ” I wish He would talk louder to me” she says. 

I know. I think to myself. I know–me too.


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    1. alwaysalleluia

      Michele-Lyn, it really was all God. I was having such a hard time articulating how we hear God, I mean, its different for everybody, but when He whispered that verse in my ear, I was overcome with gratitude for how he answers! Such grace!

  1. Marisha

    We teach so much in moments like these. God bless you for pointing your daughter to him. We all struggle at times to lift our gaze “unto the hills from whence our help comes” but by faith we know that he is there. Keep trusting in him and encouraging your daughter to hear him speak through the pages of his holy word.

  2. Dawn

    Living it out isn’t always textbook, is it. But we learn just as much when we grope our way through trusting what we know from His Book. You and she are the better for it.

  3. TereasaM

    Such tender moments with children; this is when we mamas learn. Isn’t it? This is why the shepherd said, “Let the children come!”

  4. Pam

    Oh, what a sweet moment! I felt as if I were there with you both… How tenderly God spoke those words to you and then to her through you. I wish He would speak louder too…especially when i am seeking direction. But I do love the whispers in His beauty and ordinary moments too. You made me think… how do we cultivate tht ear? Lovely post. – Pam, Apples of gold,

  5. Oh you get it, girl. And get it well. I’m sharing this all over, friend. It ties in so well to what I’m talking about this week.

    He always shows up, doesn’t He. striving with you to do the same…

    1. alwaysalleluia

      Thank you, Nikki. I am So grateful for how you encourage me! he DOes always show up. It’s quite amazing. Praying He shows up and hangs out with you today, in a tangible, noticable way. XXOO Love you.

  6. “The struggling to believe in the dark–”

    Funny, we wrote on the same thing. And we found the same answer. God is found in the heart, in the whispering wind, in the gentle touches.

    Love this.

  7. Elizabeth, wynnegraceappears

    So lovely and full of encouragement. Yes, this is good good news. I can’t hear it often or loudly enough. And like a child I want the megaphone, not the still whisper. I am so glad I was here today. Blessings, friend. Your sharing is a gift.

  8. Danelle@Heseesme

    I pray this same prayer. I love the quiet but pray that God will shake me and use the louder voice so that I can really hear.
    Precious post. Loved it.

  9. Oh my heart-sister, YES. You know how I struggle with this, too, with hearing His voice amidst the noise and busyness of life. He speaks in whispers and nudges and breezes and yes, even tears, and I remember this is good and right. I’m praying we’ll both have a quiet heart to draw near Him and know the resounding peace He offers. Love you so much! XOXO

  10. I LOVED how your little one who so concerned that she couldn’t hear God that she cried to you for help. It truly convicted me as I realized when my life gets so busy I forget to stop & listen for God. I need to be convicted when life gets busy to stop & bring God back.

  11. Love this, Kris. Isaiah 40:11 came right to mind as you described the sheep: “He tends his flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart; he gently leads those that have young.” That’s you Kris, being gently led.

    1. alwaysalleluia

      Oh yes, Isaiah 40, such a beautiful, tender word. Thank you Annie for slipping in here and leaving me such sweet encouragement. He is leading me these days, my prayer remains that I would follow always, faithfully–willingly–wherever teh raod leads. Love to you!


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