How You Can Make A Big Difference By Doing Something Small

Each year we say we’re going to scale back. We have come a long way from the year my boys got bored opening the obscene pile of gifts at their feet. We’ve gone to the “three gift rule” and next year, we’re hoping to have even more space under the tree, as we lean in further to what it means to really give at Christmas.

The truth is, we have so much. My children don’t know hunger or real need. And honestly, it’s hard to teach them about it on this side of the world--we have so much.

Since partnering with Compassion through Advocacy and Child Sponsorship, we have had many more discussions about poverty and going without than ever before. And it’s hard and good and necessary for my kids to learn that beyond the comfort of our abundance, there are children who lack virtually everything they actually need.

Compassion set a goal this year, raise $20,000 through the Compassion Gift Catalog. We’re near the deadline, but nowhere near our goal.

I They need 10 of you to step up and help.

Just 10 people to each give $10–if you’re a coffee drinker, that’s roughly 2 Grande latte’s from Starbucks. 

We can do this, friends. We CAN make a big difference by doing a small thing.

Will you join me in becoming the hands and feet of Christ this Christmas?

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