Image Of God~ {A Giveaway}

We come in pieces, we come in fragments, we come discolored to the foot of the cross, our maker sees us, all that we have been, bonds us together in the image of God… ~Christa Wells

I had the pleasure of meeting Christa at Relevant 11. I had only recently discovered her music at the time, and was excited to hear her and fellow musician, Nicole Witt preform live.

I was completely unprepared for how awesome the experience would be.

Christa and Nicole transformed that hotel ballroom into a sanctuary of worship, the moment they opened their mouths and began to sing. Their voices, blending in such beautiful harmony, the beauty and richness of the words, carrying my heart into a place of quiet reflection before God-the concert they gave was one of the highlights of the conference for me. It was that good.

The following morning, Christa and Nicole led a small groupp of us in worship again, for the Hellomornings meet up. What a tremendously blessed time it was!

They gifted us with a preview of their new release, Image of God and honestly, it is difficult to find words to describe the simple beauty of this song and the four others included on this album. This is purely a worship album. When I listen to it, I am imediately taken to the foot of God’s throne.  The quiet reflection that whispers in these songs is pure beauty and inspiration.

I had the opportunity to interview Christa, and she was kind enough to answer three questions for me:

Me:  Yours and Nicole’s voices are so beautiful together, How did you and Nicole Witt first team up and decide to work together?

 Christa: Nicole and I were put together by our respective publishers back in 2007, I think, to write together.  (The song we wrote that first day was actually just recorded by Point of Grace for their upcoming project!)  We really hit it off and realized we have so much in common, as well as some obvious differences that allow us to work together in a really complementary way.  After tossing the idea around for a year or two, we finally started playing out together in 2009, after the release of my “Frame the Clouds” album.  We’ve been coming alongside each other on and offstage ever since.

 Me: Your music is clearly worship as well as art, do you ever have seasons of struggle where it’s difficult to worship in this way? How do you work through it?

Christa: Hmm, great question.  I do go through seasons where I write a lot and seasons where I don’t write at all.  Seasons where I perform a lot and season where I don’t perform at all.  Usually these seasons are more dictated by my other obligations and the amount of time I can dedicate to music.  The only time it feels like a struggle really is re-entering the creative space after too much time away.  I lose confidence and it takes a while to relax into either writing or performing.  Worship happens naturally in that place of both creative motion and rest.

 Me: You’re a mom and a wife like me, I would love to know how you move out of the chaos and into a place of being able to write. Do you have a ritual that you follow, do you light candles, or pray before hand- I would love to know what brings you into that space of being able to create and worship amid the ‘noise’ of life.

Christa: You know it really depends…I don’t have a specific ritual or routine.  I’m a rather unstructured person in a very full & noisy life, like most of us who have children.  Sometimes inspiration is strong enough that I can be stirring a pot of soup or driving and begin some new tune or lyric right there.  More often than not, I grab evenings when I can get them and sneak up to my attic writing room.  Hours can go by of fiddling and playing and recording before I really begin to settle into a solid idea…it can take a while to stop hearing the day-to-day “noise.”  Then all of a sudden, a door opens and I find myself in the middle of something good.

 I think the prayer and mental preparation really take place all the time, all the months and days and hours before I physically go to the piano.  Then I sit down and try to pull together the strands of truths I’ve encountered since the last time I wrote.

 Co-writing looks different, and the Image of God EP was largely co-written with Nicole.  Some of these we started and finished together in her music room with the luxury of coffee and uninterrupted time.  For a couple of them, like “Lay it Low,” I started the lyric in North Carolina, emailed them to Nicole in Tennessee where she added to them and began writing music, and then we finished it together the week before recording.  Writing with her is very natural because we really value and respect each other’s strengths and work very cooperatively. 

I cannot recomend this album (Or any of her others!) highly enough. I hope you will buy this album for yourself, and perhaps a copy for a friend. You will be blessed as you listen.

God speaks through Christa and Nicole’s music. What a beautiful gift He has given them, and what a treaured gift they give us as they use their talents for His glory!

And now, I have a gift for you.

{I am giving away THREE copies of this new album, Image of God, to you. I am SO excited about this opportunity. (Thank God for digital recordings, because if this were on a cassett tape, I’d have worn mine out already.)}

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This album releases TODAY! 

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*Christa gifted me with a copy of this album for the purpose of my review, but the opinions here are stricy my own. She has graciosuly provided me with the three copies to be given away. Thank you, Christa and Nicole, you cannot know how your music has affected me. God bless you always.
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  1. Craig

    me? I just want to let you know I was here. I’ve got a lot of sadness to work through – I never thought blogging in this community would bring so much sadness, and challenge, and misunderstanding. But it has – and I’m not sure it will ever be overcome. I have been highly disappointed by those in this community I respect so much. Anyway, I’ll work through it, and I’ll move forward in love – I just never expected this much hurt to be involved in writing where I once thought it was all love. Sorry to take up your comment with my whimper – I didn’t really mean for that to leak out – what I meant to say was that this is so different in character from what you normally write – this is journalism – this is you as an interviewer asking perfect questions – eliciting full responses. You’re not just a writer – you’re a journalist. I’m really glad our words crossed paths Kris. God bless you my friend.

    1. Anonymous

      I’m sorry about the experience that you have had. I hate that it has been so difficult and painful for you. Praying still that roses spring up in what appears to be a bed of weeds. They will in their season, I have no doubt. Hang in there, God is faithful.

  2. LadyDy

    I am a new reader of your blog….a “seasoned” pastor’s wife of 37 yrs…many bumps and bruises along the way….but God has remained faithful!

  3. Hi Kris,  I was so thrilled to be introduced to Christa and Nicole’s music at Relevant.  I had not heard Christa’s music before.  I, also, was completely overwhelmed and joyful when I heard their concert. I can only imagine how special and beautiful your worship time was with them at Hello Mornings.  Thank you so much for this post and for reminding me of the beauty and art these two offer when they create and give it all back to Him, together.  Thank you!  (I am also already a subscriber and a fan of yours, on facebook! Love your heart.  I will retweet your note about the giveaway, too.:) )

  4. Hey sweet friend!  I’m so glad you’re posting this giveaway ~ I love Christa’s music and really enjoyed hearing from her heart.   I especially love this: “Worship happens naturally in that place of both creative motion and rest.” Wow.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win the EP!   Love you bunches! XOXO


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